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Kristen & Taylor at Eclipse Berlin Event - Pictures

Taylor Lautner's 'Abduction' Discussed in 'GQ' Interview

Taylor Lautner is the cover boy for the July issue of "GQ". Here is the portion of the interview that talks about his upcoming project Abduction.

Later this month, Lautner heads to Pittsburgh to shoot his first solo vehicle, Abduction. It's sort of a teen Bourne Identity, the story of a high school senior whose parents are killed the same day he finds his own photograph on a Web site for missing persons. This will be Lautner's first chance to carry a movie and to answer that other lingering question: Is he a movie star or a fleeting—albeit suddenly rich—curiosity? He says he wants to follow the "Tom Cruise model," and that's probably the right way to go. Lautner has the chance to be one of those nonthreatening boyish action heroes, the type that can cross ethnic lines and gender divides and bring people to the box office in droves.

Read the entire article here.

Trailer For Tinsel Korey's 'Stained'


Robert Pattinson on Jay Leno

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BTS of 'Welcome to the Rileys' with Producer Giovanni Agnelli

This is a beautifully written response by the producer of Welcome to the Rileys Giovanni Agnelli about how Kristen Stewart was able to transition from being an international superstar to coming back and playing a troubled teen prostitute in the film.

A common question about Welcome to the Rileys is when exactly it was filmed. Giovanni Agnelli discusses how Kristen was able to go from newly-minted international superstar to Mallory, the troubled teen prostitute in Rileys.

We filmed Welcome to the Rileys in the fall of 2008, October through November. Kristen had filmed the majority of Rileys but had to leave for a short time to do some worldwide press for Twilight before she would return to New Orleans to finish filming.

A few days before she left, Kristen and I were standing in the street, dozens of people passing us. For the most part Kristen was really unnoticed. The attention was more from people just curious about the filming, and looking her way noticing an attractive young actress dressed in distressed street clothing. We watched on the side as people gawked at James [Gandolfini]. I turned to her and said, “This is it, this is the last time you will ever be able to stand in a crowd and be left alone. This may be the last time you are ever able to be anywhere and be left alone.”

We talked about a few other friends and people we knew that went from being working performers to becoming big stars. The sudden slam of fame is overwhelming. However, she is wise beyond her years, and so prepared for anything that life throws at her, that I knew no matter what happened next, she was going to be completely fine. She is the genuine real deal, a solid human being.

When she returned to New Orleans from the press tour, the world had changed. Twilight was taking over the world. Kristen stepped back into Mallory’s skin as if she had never left. She embodied the soul of the character she had created. She had given life to words on a page, made them into a living hurting being. To be able to leave New Orleans, travel the world, return as a superstar, and then compose herself as if not a single thing changed since the day she left, is a testament to Kristen Stewart’s incredible talent and personality.

The character you will see on the movie screen is an emotionally complex and truly beautiful creature. I witnessed with my own eyes the brutally honest and inspiring transformation of Kristen into Mallory.

I hope you all have a chance to see this performance.

– Giovanni Agnelli

NY Times Interview Discusses Rob's Other Projects

Water for Elephants, Bel Ami and Unbound Captives are all mentioned in the following excerpt from the NY Times interview with Rob. Rob also shares some great accounts about filming on the set of WFE.
To this end the London-born Mr. Pattinson has been busy accepting roles that seem linked only by a quirky diversity. In “Water for Elephants,” an adaptation of Sara Gruen’s novel, he plays a veterinarian who joins a Depression-era circus after his parents are killed. The indie “Bel Ami,” from the Maupassant novel, co-starring Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci, has him playing an unscrupulous social climber who rises to power in Paris by manipulating wealthy women. A possible role in a western called “Unbound Captives” calls for him to speak almost entirely in Comanche.


“Water for Elephants,” which also stars Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz, is awaiting a release date from 20th Century Fox. It’s the kind of serious literary role that could bring critical attention and stretch minds about Mr. Pattinson’s range. “There is a profound vulnerability about Rob and his mannerisms, and that makes him supremely accessible,” said Elizabeth Gabler, president of Fox 2000, the studio unit making the film. “He also has an innate kindness about him that is wonderful in this role.”

Mr. Pattinson has clearly enjoyed working on something else. He lit up when talking about the shoot, mentioning a scene in which a lion had to bite his arm and another where he had to spend hours shoveling horse manure — an unsettling detail given the grimy condition of his fingernails. “It feels like everyone is an Oscar winner except me,” he said of the cast and crew.

Much is riding on “Water for Elephants” because his leading roles outside of “Twilight” have disappointed or failed at the box office. The inexpensive romantic drama “Remember Me,” released in March, grossed only $19 million in North America. About $35 million in overseas ticket sales eased the pain a little, but the upshot was that Mr. Pattinson appeared unable to anchor a movie despite the “Twilight” nuttiness. “Little Ashes,” a foreign film in which Mr. Pattinson played a randy Salvador Dalí (and filmed before “Twilight”), barely registered a blip in limited release last year.

The only career advice Hollywood veterans have for Mr. Pattinson is to keep doing what he is doing. “Continuing to take different kinds of roles and continuing to take chances will ultimately work,” said Allen Coulter, who directed “Remember Me.” “People unwilling to see him as anything but Edward Cullen will eventually be worn down.”

Read entire article here.

Taylor Lautner Talks Upcoming Projects with MTV

What Does Taylor Lautner's Schedule Look Like?
'Stretch Armstrong' Has 'The Worst Superhero Power'
Will Taylor Lautner Do More Action Movies After 'Abduction'?

20 questions to Billy Burke

Hi Bella,
 In light of all that's going on, I'm doing a video Q&A on the website. Send me your best question within 48 hours.
Details at:
See ya soon 
PO Box 4084, Santa Monica, CA 90411, USA

Billy Burke has just announced via his official website that he will be taking fan submitted questions over the next 48 hours. Once the 48 (or so) hours are up, he will choose 20 of those questions (or more) and record them in a handy dandy little video for us all to watch. More details below:
With the release of both my debut album and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse falling within nearly a week of one another, I’ve been (needless to say) spread a little thin these days. With so much stuff going on, I feel like I haven’t been as accessible to you the subscribers as I’d like to be. One of the things that’s been so rewarding about the way we’ve decided to release this album is that with all the amazing comments, emails, tweets, and other interactive elements we’ve been employing, it’s created an atmosphere that’s a lot more intimate than these things normally are… and I like it.
In that spirit, I wanna take some time to talk about the things YOU ALL might wanna talk about. Instead of listening to some silly lame ass ask me if I’m team Edward or team Jacob, I think it might be fun to open the floor to some questions from the people that really matter.
Here’s how it’s gonna work:
You have a question? Post it in the comment field below. We’ll select 20 of them (or more depending on time constraints), I’ll video record the answers and whatever else the questions might evoke, then we’ll shoot you a link via email that hooks you up to where you can find the results.
Keep in mind:
The general theme here is music and the album but go ahead and ask me anything you want. I’ll try to answer as wide a variety as I can. My guess is that the more insightful or thought provoking your question is, the better chance it has of getting answered. (But not necessarily– I might answer some dumb ones too.)
To read more AND to submit your question(s) for Billy, click here!

Rob: 'Twilight Series Is Sexy Without Sex'

Forget Jacob Black's rock-hard abs or Edward Cullen's good looks. The Twilight: Saga series has fans swooning because of something other than just the characters or addicting plotlines, according to Robert Pattinson.

The secret to the films' success, says the British heartthrob, is that they're sexy – without showing a lot of actual sex.

"[Fans] like that moment before [sex] … the kind of tipping point before it goes over," Pattinson, 24, tells Nightline in an interview airing Monday night on ABC. "I mean, everybody likes that. That's the best part, for a relationship."

If that's the case, Twi-hards will definitely be satisfied when they see Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's characters get closer – but not too close – in Eclipse, which hits theatres June 30.

Still, he acknowledges that there's a fine line between giving fans just enough of what they want and being too old-fashioned territory.

"If there was a hard and fast decision by both [Bella and Edward] saying, 'Yeah we're going to remain virgins our entire lives, it's never going to happen,' I don't think it would be as popular a series," he says.

Rob shares his 'love advice' from his Dad, Richard, in Jay Leno Show

Robert Pattinson appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Tuesday night, and the 'Twilight' star shared the advice that his dad gives him.

Pattinson, who ditched his usual casual look for a formal grey suit, brought his folks along to the show, and shared some of his correspondence with his father.

"My dad loves sending me emails, which I love, love getting," Pattinson told Leno. He proceeded to read an email that his dad had sent him, offering him romantic advice: "'Dear Rob, I've been thinking about gestures. And a good one in my opinion, is to kiss a lady's hand. It's very romantic and refined. Offer a hand, ostensibly to shake, and then the kiss. I impressed your mother that way.'"
Pattinson shared a second email, this time offering advice about refinement: "Dear Rob, I was thinking last night about Yves Montand, the great French actor, and I thought about his elegant way of acknowledging the audience at an Oscar ceremony, by gripping his wrist with one hand and raising both arms aloft, and how he was applauded for this gesture. I know I've mentioned it before, but the reason I was thinking about it was because I watched a program on TV featuring some current celebrities here and I was shocked by how vulgar they were."

Pattinson demonstrated the move to the audience to a round of applause.

When it comes to his dad's career advice, Rob said, "This is someone who claims he doesn't like watching films. His favorite film is 'Jaws.' That's pretty much the only film he's ever seen, and in fact when I first started doing 'Twilight,' he read the script and ... he was like, 'Well, I think it's kind of a mixture between 'Jaws,' and 'Superman.'"

And how do mom and dad feel about their son having done a nude scene in a previous film? Pattinson told Leno, "I think they were okay with it, I mean, they've seen it all before."

New Photo von Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson mit Jimmy Kimmel

35 Secrets about Eclipse

die ersten 20 in Englisch:
Kellan Lutz says that Eclipse will be more masculine then the other films, because it's more dark and it contains many scenes of fight and virile scenses.
During the filming, Chaske Spencer, who acts as Sam Uley (the chief of the werewolfs), has check out the weigh that Robert Pattinson can raise and tried to do more.
Nowdays Kellan Lutz has more then 150 000 followers on twitter! @KellanLutz
Ashley Green is really impatient to see the fight scenes that she compares to the acrobatics of the Cirque du Soleil "There are fantastic moments between Jasper and Alice that I want to see so badly!"
The singer Julia Jones has been chosen to interpret the female werewolf. Her favorite scene? The fight, because of the strong emotions it gives.
Taylor Lautner is not the only one who had to do a massive training. Kellan has revealed that he followed a intense 2 weeks fighting training "It was important that we know our choreography as well as we could"
Some fans have had the opportunity to watch the Eclipse premiere at the Oprah show. Many of them were disappointed because of the scene in which Bella has to choose between Edward and Jacob, it was too simple and too adult. This is why the troupe had decided to re-shot that scene.
(We have a new actress to play Victoria)
We have a scene in which we are back in the 30s finding out Rosalie's past.
The production has lean much on Jackson Rathbone's qualities of horse rider, since we see him fighting in the Secession war. This scene makes us know about his past, the moment in which he becomes a vampire and the one in which he meets Alice.
The names of Miranda Kerr and Vanessa Hudgens were an idea for the role of Leah Clearwater
Peter Facinelli has revealed that we'll see the skills of his vampire family. Brr we can feel the shiver
3 months before the release of the film some scenes have been re-shooted to make them better. This hasn't been so easy because Robert was on the set of Bel Ami in Budapest, Taylor was in Paris and Ashley was on the set of Butter.
The set was protected by an equip of SWAT. Some cops has modified their vacation's day just to get this job "the pay was 3 times more interesting then our normal, 10 times harder, workday" said one.
The budget of the film is about 65 million dollars, which is 1,5 more then the 2nd movie and 28 more then the first!
Stephanie Mayer has just published a new book: "… Bree Tanner". The story of a new born vampire created by Victoria.
In England, where it has been published, this new book has sold 79 copies per minute between 5:05 am and 23:59 pm!
Jodelle Ferland, the young actress that plays Bree Tanner, has been persecuted by some fans and by the medias during the shooting, because of the first copy of the book that Stephanie had gave her to give an idea of the character.
The rock band Muse has signed the first track of the playlist "Neutron Star Collision". The same group had written 2 others tracks for the other films. David Slade has already realized 3 clips of the band.
Chris Weitz had been so overwhelmed by New Moon that he didn't accepted for Eclipse.

Pictures: Jackson Rathbone

Rob's Interview with eTalk - Talks About Fight Scenes and Edward/Bella


Video: E!News Ashley Explains Her Comments About Rob and Girls. Kellan on Rivalry With Rob


Rob's Interview with Today Show (Australia) - Rob talks Eclipse and Breaking Dawn


GossipCop: Early Eclipse Screening in NYC!

According to GossipCop:

Gossip Cop has learned that there will be a special screening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in New York on Monday, June 28.
While Robert Pattinson will not attend due to his commitments with Water for Elephants, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are expected to be at the screening, along with a number of other cast members.

Germany: Eclipse Mobile Phone

Wir hatten euch ja schon einmal hier berichtet das The Phone House nun LG Handys von der Twilight Saga rausbringt. Nun wird es auch in Deutschland auf den Markt kommen.

Am 15. Juli startet in den deutschen Kinos der dritte Teil der beliebten Vampir-Saga “Twilight” rund um Edward und Bella.

Fans der Twilight-Reihe dürfen sich auf einen wirklich guten Film freuen. Der Film “Eclipse – Bis(s) zum Abendrot” hat vor kurzem bei den MTV Kino-Awards gründlich abgeräumt.

Um sich im Kino als echter Fan zu präsentieren, bietet The Phone House ab dem 01. Juli die Twilight-Fan-Edition des beliebten Handys LG GD510 POP für 139€ UVP  an.

Das Gehäuse ist schwarz und mit einem Twilight-Schriftzug sowie einer floralen Verzierung auf der Rückseite versehen. Natürlich bietet das Handy für Fans der Vampir-Love-Story noch einiges mehr:
  • Film Trailer “Eclipse – Bis(s) zum Abendrot”
  • Ein Bild von Edward und Bella
  • Fünf exklusive Wallpaper

Das Innenleben bietet die vom LG GD510 POP gewohnten Features und technischen Daten. Das Touchscreen-Handy mit seinen Abmessungen in Kreditkartengröße, die 3-Megapixel-Kamera und das leichte Gewicht von 89 Gramm machen auch dieses schicke POP zu einem bequemen Begleiter.

Ein absolutes Muss für jeden Twilight-Fan.

Jackson Rathbone & Kellan Lutz Facebook layouts