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Pictures: Kellan after VH1's Do Something Awards event

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Bella & Edward Waxworks

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Edward looks like Frankenstein and Bella...
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Kristen's Interview with 15 a 20 Mag - Mexico "I Think I'll Go to College in the Future"

We had the chance to talk to Kristen Stewart at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles. When she walked into the room, she took off her headphones and shook our hands. She’s even cuter in person than onscreen. Her hair is still dark and short from playing Joan Jett, her eyes stand out and her skin is pale but perfect. She’s thin and she’s dressed very casual: white tank top, tight jeans. She pays complete attention to me as she smiles friendly and openly. We’ve spoke about it before, but in this third movie we want to know what she likes about Bella:

I had never heard of the books before knowing about the project, and to be honest I didn’t have time to read the script the first time they sent it to me. I wasn’t impressed with the synopsis, I thought it was shallow and not vey believable, but I ended up reading the script and loved the story right away, I really wanted to play Bella.”

After accepting the role in the movie, Kristen read the books to prepare for the character: I read all the books and I love them. But before filming Twilight I only read the first book. The movies are very faithful to the books, so we have a lot of material to work on, you want to know what your character is like, who she is, where she’s going, but not too much. As an actress you can’t forget, or not know something once you know it, I don’t know if that makes sense”.

She makes a pause and chooses carefully her words: “Many things happen to Bella in this saga. I wanted to stay in the moment in every stage of the story. Reading the books is such a vicarious experience. It’s easy to see why so many girls like these books. It’s because you’re Bella whn you’re reading them. I think people can relate to what she’s going through and they live these moments through her”.

Her favorite book is New Moon: “In the first book, she thought she had found true love. I liked seeing her feeling evolve and reconsider everything she thought she had with Edward, who was gone.”

In Eclipse Bella goes through many challenges, especially with the love traingle. We asked her how she feels with the way her charate developes in this saga. Again, she takes her time to answer. We have the feeling she worries a lot about her character and her role in the story.

“It was interesting to explore how Bella deals with different levels of love and how what she thought in the past could’ve changed or maybe not be real at all. Bella is very honest deep down, I really think she is, and this is the first time she lies, she lies to herself and everybody around her, by maybe considering she loves Jacob. And she has to face the fact that the love fo him is not as strong as the love for Edward. Edward and Jacob are mortal enemies, so their actions and choices take meaningful implications for them, for the Cullens, for the wolfpack, and for herself.”

Making these scenes was not hard for Kristen, despite the actors being very different from each other, as well as the characters: “It wasn’t that hard, actually. this is our third movie and the characters and their motivations are very well established, so I just let it take me where it wants me to go. I think it works because we know each other perfectly, we’ve grown together, and the experience with each other as actors, and playing this characters is something that you can see. There’s certain comfort when we see each other again for filming.” she assures with a laugh.

Besides being a romance, Eclipse has more action than it’s previous movies. The Cullens join forces with the wolfpack in a war against the newborn army started by Victoria.

What physical challenges did this bring to you?
She laughs again: “Unfortunately, I didn’t do any of the action sequences, and I didn’t do my own stunts. I was carried by Taylor during most of the scenes” we both agreed that being carried by a half-naked Taylor

Lautner wasn’t so bad, could it be?
So then we asked her about the challenges of working on a greenscreen when Taylor’s character appears to be in wolf shape. “It’s definitely a challenge as an actress, but I think it’s more recommendable to not joke around before filming scenes like these because it can break your focus. The worst thing a director can do is say: ‘I know it’s weird, but I need you to do it. You have to take it seriously and do it”.
She adds: “There’s a scene where Jacob is in wolf shape and I’m supposed to be talking and patting him, so Taylor stood there with his special suit so I could film the scene and make it more real. That made it easier for me”.

What can our readers learn from Bella and her story?
They should experiment with different relationships and discover things about them along the way. At that age, your feelings are not necessarily being taken seriously, so they should see for themselves what matters to them, like Bella did, and make their own decisions. Bella risks everything, but I think it’s wonderful that she owns her actions and deals with the consequences”.

Time is up and Kristen has been very open through out our interview, but before we leave we ask her if she’s planning to do other things besides acting: “I love what I do. It seems like I work all th time, but I really enjoy it. I think I’ll go to college in the future. I love writing and I love reading words. We’ll see”.

New 'Remember Me' Poster

This is the new poster offered when you purchase the DVD.

Korea: Taylor & Kristen (Scans)

Hollywood Dailies Talks Other Projects of the Twi Stars


Kellan on Ashley Transforming For 'Warrior'


Kellan Lutz Talks About 'Immortals'

Starts at 0:35.


BooBoo Stewart Joins Kellan Lutz in Upcoming Anime 'Guardians of Luna'

Today Cybergraphix Animation announced the addition of Boo Boo Stewart (Seth Clearwater, Twilight Saga) to the cast of the upcoming anime DVD feature Guardians of Luna. Boo Boo will play Jake Segerstrom alongside fellow Twilighter Kellan Lutz in the dark-action film, which will be completed in Fall 2011, and distributed by FUNimation Entertainment in North America.

Guardians of Luna centers around Carson Stone, who has come to Steelhenge looking for answers about his lineage. Driven by a mysterious letter from his father, what Carson uncovers is a city bearing an ancient curse. With each full moon, the city is terrorized by a pack of vicious werewolves. City leaders plan to eradicate the threat, and Carson must team up with three other werewolves in order to protect an ancient power source. In the process, they discover a dark secret about their ancestors that will force the “heroes” to make a crucial decision…on which could save humanity, or destroy it.

More information on Guardians of Luna can be found at the official site, and the Guardians of Luna FaceBook fan page at

Yahoo! Shares 'Runaways' Clip With Kristen & Dakota



Upcoming Movies For the 'Twilight' Cast

Kristen Stewart – ‘Welcome to the Rileys’, ‘K-11′ and ‘On the Road’ – both in pre-production.

Robert Pattinson – ‘Bel Ami’, ‘Water for Elephants’ and ‘Unbound Captives’ – which is pre-production.

Taylor Lautner – ‘Abduction’ – which is in production.

Jackson Rathbone – ‘Girlfriend’, ‘DaZe: Vol. Too (sic) – NonSeNse’ – which is in post-production.

Ashley Greene – ‘Butter’, ‘Warrior’ (with Kellan Lutz) and ‘The Apparition’ – all in post-production.

Nikki Reed – ‘Catch.44′ – currently filming.

Peter Facinelli – ‘Loosies’ – currently filming, ‘Thicker’ and ‘Infected’ – both currently in pre-production.

Kellan Lutz – ‘Love, Wedding, Marriage’, ‘The Killing Game’, ‘Warrior’ (with Ashley Greene) and ‘Immortals’ – all in post-production.

Anna Kendrick – ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’ and ‘Live With It’ (with Bryce Dallas Howard) – currently in post-production.

Elizabeth Reaser – ‘Homework’ – in post-production.

Christian Serratos – ‘96 Minutes’ – in post-production.

Billy Burke – ‘Removal’ – completed, ‘Baby O’, ‘Ticket Out’, ‘Luster’, ‘Highland Park’ and ‘Drive Angry 3D’ – all in post-production.

Sarah Clarke – ‘Bedrooms’ – completed.

Mike Welch – ‘Rough Hustle’ – in post-production.

Xavier Samuel – ‘Anonymous’ (with Jamie Campbell Bower) – in post-production.

Kiowa Gordon – ‘The Science of Cool’ and ‘Into the Darkness’ – both in pre-production.

Alex Meraz – ‘The City of Gardens’ – post-production, ‘On the Run’ – filming, ‘Four to the Floor’ and ‘Savage Innocent’ – both pre-production.

Tinsel Korey – ‘Stained’ – completed, 'Give Me One Reason' - filming.

Chaske Spencer – ‘Shouting Secrets’ (with Gil Birmingham) – in post-production.

Gil Birmingham – ‘Love Ranch’, ‘Shouting Secrets’ (with Chaske Spencer) and ‘Rango’ – both in post-production.

BooBoo Stewart – ‘Smitty’, ‘Dark Games’ and ‘Logan’ – all completed.

Jodelle Ferland – ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ – completed and ‘Mighty Fine’ – in post-production.

Daniel Cudmore – ‘A Night for Dying Tigers’ (with Leah Gibson) – in post-production and ‘Bind’ – currently in pre-production.

Leah Gibson – ‘A Night for Dying Tigers’ (with Daniel Cudmore), ‘Indie Jonesing’ – both in post-production and ‘Ride of the Apes’ – currently filming.

Charlie Bewley – ‘Ecstasy’ and ‘Soldiers of Fortune’ – both in post-production.

Kristen Prout – ‘Locked Away’ – in post-production.

Bryce Dallas Howard – ‘Live With It’ (with Anna Kendrick), ‘Hereafter’ – both in post-production and ‘The Help’ – in pre-production.

Rachelle Lefevre – ‘Casino Jack’, ‘The Pool Boys’, ‘Barney’s Version’ – completed and ‘The Caller’ – in post-production.

Cam Gigandet – ‘Making Change’, ‘Easy A’, ‘Kerosene Cowboys’, ‘Burlesque’, ‘The Roomate’ and ‘Priest’ – all in post-production.
Edi Gathegi – ‘Atlas Shrugged’ – currently filming.

Jamie Campbell Bower – ‘London Games’, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Parts 1 & 2′ and ‘Anonymous’ (with Xavier Samuel) – all in post-production.

Michael Sheen – ‘Beautiful Boy’ and ‘TRON: Legacy’ – both in post-production, ‘Midnight in Paris’ and ‘Jesus Henry Christ’ – both filming and ‘Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue’ – currently in production.

Christopher Heyerdahl – ‘Stargate: Extinction’ – currently in pre-production.

Gil in Forks & La Push

Gil with chairwoman, Anna Rose Councell-Geyer and Triabal Spokesperson, Jacki Jacobs

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Kristen features in 'tu' magazine

Our meeting was amazing! She has a striking personality. Despite being so petite, as soon as she walked into the Benedict Room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, the place lit up!

The girl doesn’t want to be a simple star caught up in the glamour and the paparazzi. She’s an actress that leaves a mark because of her work. Her attitude and casual way of dressing do not overshadow her, because as much as she doesn’t want to be special, she is! She’s naturally beautiful, discrete, but at the same time very impacient.

Dressed in white and black t-shirts (layered) with a black sweater and jeans, she greeted us without stopping one second from squirming in her chair and fixing her hair up into a pony tail, brushing it back with her hand, playing with it from one side to the other.

They say Eclipse is a darker movie, is it true?

Probably because of director David Slade, because his concept is more mature and scarier. A little bit like New Moon, but things get more complicated as far as the dynamic between the characters and their relationship with each other. And of course there’s the whole situation of vampires and werewolves trying to protect me.

Do you find the vampire world appealing?

We all find appealing the fact that vampires live forever and never age. Personally, there’s nothing in particular in vampires that appeals to me, but I love the way they are in Twilight.

Is it hard to choose between Edward and Jacob?

It’s tough for Bella to be in that position, because she ignores the fact that there’s many levels of understanding between loving and caring for someone, and suddenly having the priority to choose someone makes her realize her mistakes, which have nothing to do with being grateful or hopeful about something. Clearly we can relate to her when she’s confused and says: “I don’t know anything”; she finds herself completely lost and doesn’t know the difference between loving and caring for someone.

You’ve grown up as an actress, from the beginning to now, what has that process been like?

Everyday I grow up and learn something, and in every movie that I’ve been in has given me new experiences. I’ve grown up a lot with Bella, because I feel like I’m projecting myself more with this character than with any other; I feel connected with her in a very personal way. That is how a person grows as an actor, movie by movie, or character by character. Of course, Twilight has been a long project that has changed my life in multiple ways, and it’s the set where I’ve met a lot of my best friends and have had great working relationships.

Jacob and Bella have something more than just a friendship. Is it possible for a man and a woman to be just friends?

Well, it’s very common that the friendship a guy and a girl have turns into something else, but I do think that a relationship that doesn’t go beyond friendship is also possible. But that can’t be determined by me or anyone else, it’s a decision made by the two people in that relationship.

What matters the most to you?

Acting, playing different characters and wokring with people that have more experience than me so that I can keep learning.

How much has your life changed beause of the fame?

Success has made my life a little easier, I’ve managed to get amazing things. Now people ask me “what’s next? what project are you choosing?”. It’s a privilege having the opportunity to have those questions, even if it’s hard to answer them sometimes. I owe it to Twilight. Fame looks more spectacular from the outside than it does from the inside.

Fans complain that you don’t tweet, what is your relationship with social networks?

I can’t be online because, I have to be online! I’d love to please the fans because of the way they support us, but time is not enough. It wouldn’t be enough the ammount of time I spent online with them.

Music means a lot to you. Does it inspire you when you’re on the set filming a movie?

Definitely it’s one of the most sensitive elements I have, and it’s very satisfying to work and listen to my favorite songs. This new soundtrack is amazing.

If you weren’t an actress, what job would you like to have?

I can’t imagine doing something else. This is what I want, and it sounds weird, but I get bored when I’m not filming, I wonder “what do I do now?”. But I like having time to read, listen to music.

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Kristen talks about making 'The Runaways'

Kristen Stewart hadn't become Bella in the "Twilight" series when she signed on to star in "The Runaways." But between the time she agreed to play rocker Joan Jett in the bio-pic about the '70s all-girl band and its box office debut, Stewart had become a movie star.

The film, released last spring, is now available on DVD.

Stewart's sudden rise to fame had her thinking about the difference between what Jett, singer Cherie Currie and the other Runaways experienced in the '70s and what she's gone through in the past few years.

"I think they sought out their fame so aggressively that it was completely different thing," she said in an interview when the film was released. "It's not like it was thrust upon them at all. ... Musicians really are themselves all the time, in a public way. We're not. We're actors. We choose movies for a million different reasons; some of them are because they ‘say' things. But not the way music does, not so directly. I can say, ‘This is really cool, I'm really lucky.' They're like, ‘We own this.'"

Dakota Fanning, who has been famous since she broke into movies at age 7, said fame in the '70s was far different from what she and Stewart experience today.

"Back then you had to do something really important to become famous. That's what you really wanted," Fanning said. "Now I feel like you can do anything and become famous."

Fanning plays Currie and even appears on screen romping through "Cherry Bomb," the Runaways' signature song, wearing a white corset, as the teenage Currie did in real life.

"I was most excited about wearing that," Fanning said. "I really loved wearing the corset. It was exactly like the one she wore. I felt the most in character in the corset because if you do know who Cherie Currie is, I think you think of her performing ‘Cherry Bomb' in that corset. It was an exciting moment for me."

Fanning's performance in the corset is just one example of the detail brought to the film by Floria Sigismondi, a first-time writer/director who has made music videos for the likes of Marilyn Manson, David Bowie, Tricky, Interpol, Christina Aguilera, Sigur Ros and The White Stripes.

Working from Currie's autobiography, "Neon Angel," and the stories of Jett and manager Kim Fowley, Sigismondi crafted a story that remains true to that of the Runaways, who were all teens when the band was formed.

Doing that story, however, meant that "The Runaways" had to include the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll that earned it an R rating. That shut out many of Stewart's young fans from theaters and contributed to the film's distribution debacle, which resulted in it not playing markets like Lincoln.

"I was kind of dancing this line between a lot of things," Sigismondi said. "But if this was a PG movie, I would have been completely unfaithful to the Runaways and to those girls. The thing that made it so instrumental in their lives was how young they were. They were thrown into this world with no parental guidance, plucked away from their families, on tour. Could you imagine? Even now? You're at that age when you want to try everything. Never mind growing up in the '70s."

Jett, who served as an executive producer of the film, and Currie each spent time on the set, befriending and working with the actresses. That, however, contributed a different kind of pressure for Fanning and Stewart.

"As much as Joan wanted to give me freedom and have me be natural, I couldn't improv stuff as easily as I could on other movies, I didn't like to fill in the blanks," Stewart said. "I didn't like to answer questions. I was always just asking them. ... You should always feel like your character is real. But it's totally different when they're there and you're friends with them. This really started everything for them or for Joan, and it was important to get it right."

Regardless of its box office performance, the young actresses said making the film forever affected them.

"I definitely relate a lot of the experiences I have now to Joan and Cherie, to the movie," Fanning said. "I feel like me, Kristen, Joan and Cherie all share something that is really unique. I think that has changed me, these relationships and the experience. I won't be the same after knowing these people and portraying their story."

For Stewart, that change centers on her friendship with Jett, who has become a confidant and mentor.

"It's really hard to describe," she said. "But the fact that I have someone in my life now like Joan, I could pick up the phone at anytime and say, ‘Dude, I'm freaking out' and she's there. How it's changed me, I don't know. I'm definitely more confident."

Kristen shows off her rocker side in "The Runaways"

Kristen Stewart is best known for playing Bella Swan in "The Twilight Saga" films, but the young woman can handle a wide range of roles. The starlet's acting abilities are even more apparent in "The Runaways," which is now available on DVD .

Stewart stars as Joan Jett, the guitarist of the female rocker band The Runaways, which formed in 1975 when most of its members were still in their teens. Joining her is Cherie Currie (Dakota Fanning), who became the lead vocalist of the group.

The film follows the early days of the band and the musicians' rise to fame. It also chronicles the girls' use of drugs and their relationship with their manager, Kim Fowley (Michael Shannon).

While "The Runaways" is certainly an exciting film for Stewart's fans, those who appreciate the young actress' talents may enjoy some of her other recent projects as well. In fact, "Adventureland" and "The Cake Eaters" both received wide critical acclaim upon their release.

Water the Elephants Moves to Tennesse

They are requesting extras for filming part of Water for Elephants in Chattanooga,TN including children between 7 and 15 years of age. So what part of the book will they be filming there? A circus stop, Jacob and Marlena’s family when they were young? To be honest I am not sure at this moment, send in any suggestions you have. They will be filming there between July 30th and August the 2nd.



Feature Film


Casting Director: Sande Alessi Casting-Kristan Berona

Shoot/Start Date: July 30th through August 2nd, 2010

Location: Chattanooga, TN


age 25-50. In good shape, willing to get a haircut (short on the sides). MUST either live in or close to Chattanooga.


Caucasian girls, age 9-11 years old. Caucasian boys age 7-15 years old. Must be willing to get a haircut. MUST either live in or close to Chattanooga.

source via Twifans

Rob & Kristen about food

Twilight: Eclipse star Robert Pattinson can’t cook but is eating healthier than ever, thanks to a service that delivers fresh meals to his home every day.

“In Los Angeles I started using a delivery service which only delivers fresh and healthy food, Pattinson, 24, tells German newspaper Sachsische Zeitung“Even in the morning I have a bag with healthy food delivered to me. I’ve never in my life lived as healthy as I do now.”


Robert, who lives a vagabond lifestyle because of his hectic work schedule, says there's no place he can call home right now.
"My home consists of three suitcases which I live out of," he says. "Everything is in there.
Unlike fitness fanatic Taylor Lautner, who works out nonstop and eats every two hours to stay buff, Pattinson is less concerned about weight and more about convenience.
“Of course I miss homemade food, but I’m on my own or on the go most of the time," Rob admits. "And I can’t cook myself. I only just manage to make some toast. I don’t seem to have the genetic endowments for it. I’m incapable to tell what tastes good and what doesn’t.”


Fortunately, Robert's girlfriend, Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, is a great cook whose hobby is baking pies and watching the Food Network.
"I like making pies," Stewart, 20, has said. "I have a bunch of fruit trees in my backyard. My loquat tree sprouted, and I like making loquat pie. They're really hard to peel and everything, and it took me forever, but they make the best pies. They're amazing."