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Kristen's Eclipse Style Staple: The LBD

InStyle Kristen Stewart‘s traded in her signature laid-back style (including the Converse sneaks) for some glamorous looks while promoting The Twilight Saga‘s newest installment, Eclipse (in theaters June 30th). While her co-stars Anna Kendrick and Ashley Greene are dishing about their style plans for the movie’s promotional tour, Stewart has already found her perfect red carpet formula: the LBD.

At last night’s Rome premiere, she looked stunning in a glamorous one-shouldered ruffled Marchesa dress and Roger Vivier platforms (left). During a photo call in Italy, Stewart opted for ladylike chic in a J. Mendel tweed and organza dress paired with peep toe pumps (right). But our personal favorite was the belted, long-sleeve Prabal Gurung minidress (center) she wore to the Korean premiere—it was the perfect mix of Stewart’s trademark tough-girl style and newfound glam.

Rob's Interview with TalkingPicturesTV


‘Bel Ami’ & ‘Water for Elephants’ On Shockya’s List Of 10 Most Anticipated Period Films

2. Water For Elephants

What’s this, another Robert Pattinson film? Of course, he is the hottest thing in Hollywood right now. He plays a veterinarian who joins a traveling circus in the Great Depression. Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz star in this heart felt film about a torn love between his character and the married Marlena (Reese Witherspoon) and his new way of training a stubborn elephant that should get the approval of PETA.

8. Bel Ami
The Story of the rise to power of Georges Duroy in Paris by manipulating the city’s most influential and wealthy women. This film stars Twilight’s Robert Pattinson and many are anxiously waiting to see if Robert can hold his own against Hollywood sirens like Uma Thurman and Kristen Scott Thomas.

Rob's Interview with Glamour (Germany)

Robert Pattinson, 24, likes to spend his day in bed rather than attending an interview. However he made an exception for us.

It was a non-recurring chance! Over 250 readers sent us questions online they'd like us to ask our Onscreen-Vampire Robert Pattinson. Then again we are sorry to say: marriage proposal couldn’t be transferred during that 18 minutes and 4 seconds.

„No personal questions!“ Robert Pattinson‘s agent announced in a kind of harsh american english way and was about to connect us with Robert Pattinson by phone. 80% oft the questions on the list were more or less of a personal nature, sent in advance by the (female) readers. I tried to calm down the lady on the phone, anyway. The vivid disputed relationship with Pattinson's „Twilight“ –partner Kirsten Stewart really did not met the interest of our readers that much. Yet his work did including the third part oft he crazy succesful Vampire Saga ‘Eclipse‘. It’ll premiere July 15th in Germany. Two months in advance like it should be with all that Twilight Hype the start of ticket sales and our interview were on the on the same day, on Robert Pattinsons birthday.

The rather hesitant „Hello…?“ on the other end of he line was a slight hint somebody probably did some partying the night before or might be actually shy.

Hi Robert! Happy Birthday! We hope not to bother you too much today..
„Oh, thanks very much“, laughs a bit nervously. „No you don’t, I’m sitting in the car right now on my way for to the elephant training.“

Elephant Training?
"I have to learn how to teach them tricks – for the next movie 'Water For Elephants'. Die-hard Pattinson-Fans know the actor is preparing for the character as a student of veterinary medicine who joins a travelling circus. That‘s why he has little time for Q&A: Before that he completed the period drama ‚Bel Ami‘ and there’s also coming up a Western with Hugh Jackman and the last Part of Twilight.

How do you make decisions for a new project?
"That‘s a matter of luck. Reading most of the scripts I know after 15 pages where a plot is going to. It simply has to feel differently. How the dialogues are written – these are indications of quality to me."

Our readers would like to know what the biggest challenge was for during a movie so far.
In 'Eclipse' there was a scene I as the telepathic vampire had to keep track with a battle reading the thoughts of 40 persons at the same time making really strange expressions with my face, so you see…“ And there was one of those moments you really hate intervieweing by phone, the following words were sad to say incomprehensible because oft he noise.

Hello? Hello? Are you still on?
The agent joined into the conversation: „ Sorry there was a disconnection. Ah, Robert is calling back now“

Hello again? Can you hear my now?

Good. I’d like to continue with the questions of our readers. You are interested in music. Will you make an album sometime.
Eerrhm yes I think I do. I wrote a lot songs but have to find the time for all that. Movie and music I cannot do both.

What was the first CD you ever bought?
Billy Oceans Greates Hits but that was a tape at that time.

Do you have a favorite song?
Beside You‘ by Van Morrison“ Kristen Stewart was doting about that particular poignant song in an interview recently, by the way.

What kind of people influence you?
Van Morrison by any means. And…mmh.. Who else? Jean-Luc Goddard the director. A caucasion Blues muscian and the most influential filmmaker of the 60s? Actually not something one would expect by an Blockbuster Hero.

Are you a little relieved by the fact that the finale of Twilight is within sight?
I got mixed feelings about that. Lately I had to do some re-shoots for Eclipse, I noticed how much I got used to Edward. It‘ll be weird. All of my colleagues are really close to me. As a matter of fact this a crucial part of my life. Until the whole Hype is over that‘ll take certainly at least two years.

Is there something irritating about the role?
What’s coming aling with it. The Make-up bugs me. You feel trapped under all that cover up.

By the way one of our readers wants to know how much time you spend in the bath in the morning
That depends what I did the night before.

Okay when you were partying that is?
Sometimes I have to spend the wohl day there.

How does a good day look like in your life?
It doesn’t start befor 10am in any case. Usually I like every day which gives you the feeling to achieved something. Days to remember are good days.

Do you recall a particular crazy moment with the fans?
I think the most freaky experience was in Germany during the promotion tour for New Moon last November. Extremly funny: At the Olympia Hall in Munich. 30 000 people deafening screaming Chris Weitz our director, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stwert and I had nothing to do but standing there waving.

Are you replying you fan mail by yourself?
I’ll try, yes. When I’m at home in L.A. or staying with my parents in London. Taking some time get on of thoses boxes, which stand over a year at the agency. So if somebody gets an answer by me it’ll be rather late. I do keep all of these letters but I cannot answer more than 40 in a row.

One reader asks for you favorite dish.
I don’t eat Desserts. Never like them very much.

You do like Ray-Ban-Wayfare Shades as one can see on the Paparazzis pictures. How many do you own?
There was a time I wore my mom‘s Wayfarer shades. When the people from Ray-Ban noticed they sent my a whole box two and half years ago. They have all gone by now, disappeared during travelling, a lot of them stolen and the others I lost. There a just two pairs left.

What is most annoying question you have been asked?
Uuh- I don’t know yet. I have not heart one today I would recall otherwise.

I am really glad
Still I have one: Do you believe Vampires exist?

What about true love at any rate?
Yes, I believe that is definitely possible.

Are you happy with you current life? Do you wish it to continue like that for the next decade?
Mmh, yeah, pauses for a moment I am, yes I am definitely happy. Things change with every situation in life. Some of them are much clearer to me now than a few years ago which I am very glad about.

The best and worst aspect about beeing famous?
The best there is I have lot of work I can do. I have controll about what to do and I don’t have to accept everything I am offered. The worst aspect is you get paranoid meeting new people. You never know their true intentions.

Have you made bad experiences with that?
No actually I have not. I’ve always been really careful. I was never the accessible type. One has to be on one’s guard.

Right on cue the distinctive voice of the agent intervenes: „Last question!“ Last question right now, indeed.

Okay. What three things you like wo do in your life?
Defintely make an album, direct a movie and start a religion.

How would that (religion) be like?
How it would look like…that I don't have to pay taxes ever again.

We wish you all the best for that and have a happy birthday!
Thanks I will have that.

Do you have a question for Rob?Then send it to!

So like, no big deal or anything, but The FABlife will be live on the Eclipse premiere red carpet next Thursday, mic and camera in hand, chatting with any and every Eclipse star that strolls by. We’re nervously sweating already, but that’s why our doctor hooks us up with prescription strength deodorant. *Crickets*

But we need your help! Sure, we’ve got some questions we want to ask the cast (’Kristen, will you bake us a pie?’) but we want to be sure to ask as many questions from the fans as possible. So get typing! Post your questions - no matter how silly or ridiculous - for the Twilighters in the comments below and we’ll do our best to get them to the cast on the red carpet in Los Angeles next Thursday.

We’ll also be here that night (June 24!) live-blogging the premiere with a live chat, photos, galleries and polls galore. Join us, your FABlife Twi-hards, for a night of squeeing even more epic than Robsten’s hand holding episode in Paris. For reals, guys.

Rob will be on live with Regis & Kelly, Monday June 21 (Reminder)

According to the Live With Regis and Kelly website Robert Pattinson will be on Monday June 21th. Chances are highly likely that  might be a re-run .


Kristin Scott Thomas talks about Rob and Bel Ami

What would tempt you?
I think I want to do something contemporary. I’m a bit fed up with corsets, to tell you the truth. I’m filming in a corset at the moment [in Bel Ami]. It’s a really great part: Declan Donnellan, the director, saw that I could perhaps do something else but be haughty and distant, which people always try to fit me into.

And now you’re working on an adaptation of Maupassant’s Bel Ami with a great cast: Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and boy of the moment Robert Pattinson.
He’s very sweet. We have all these squealing girls outside the set. So, for him, you stop work, then you step outside to not be an actor any more, but you’ve got to run this gauntlet of fans, when you’re desperate to get home. I would hate that. Once they say “cut”, I’m off. I’m going to the cinema after this [the interview], and I won’t get stopped, I won’t be bothered. It’ll be absolutely fine

Is that something you contrived?

I never look the same as I do on screen, because film is flattering and perhaps real life isn’t? (She laughs.) People are like,’Oh my God, it’s not, is it?’ It is you know…

Rob featured in GLAMOUR magazine (GREECE)-JULY 2010

Scans by  elenastew in pattinsonlife

Rob's full interview with Polish TV


Rob's Interview with Italian TV


Translation by fritzerina

He is telling that they got an interview with him in LA and he says he was sorry not for being in Italy promoting Eclipse because of working conflict. He says he went to Italy for New Moon and that Montepulciano is stunning the weather was amazing. Every night he loved to stay out with a glass of wine thinking "this is ridiculous".

He also says that he doesn't like vampires that much , he saw the saga movies but for him all the vampire fangs are the same.

He really likes the worldcup, so the interviewer says that we are waiting for the Italy vs England match. Rob laughs and says it would be fun to be there watching it.

Then he says "ciao italia"

and by mesycullen
He said he loved to work in Italy on New Moon, that they were in a litte and wonderful hotel. Montepulciano is  unique, the weather is amazing and they were every evening on a hammock with a glass of wine. They say that Edward is very somber and on the contrary Rob is absolutely enjoyable. he's not a vampire's fan, all the  fangs are the same. He said he is a footbal fan and watches  the worldcup and talks about an hypothetical final Italy-England ... and that he would like it!
via RPLife

Anna Kendrick talks about Rob

Anna Kendrick was speechless when she first met Robert Pattinson.

The two met when making the first Twilight movie, where Anna plays high school gossip Jessica Stanley and Robert plays vampire Edward Cullen.

While most girls are dazzled by Robert’s good looks, Harry Potter fan Anna says she couldn’t get Robert’s earlier cinematic role as a wizard out of her head. “The first time I met Robert Pattinson, I kept thinking, ‘Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter!’” she told Glamour magazine.

Robert is known for his love of music, but according to Anna the star preferred reading books to rocking out during the shooting of the movie.

“He never got his guitar out on set, but always carried a beat-up book, like an English poet,” she revealed.

Anna went on to describe the nerves she experienced when she attended this year’s Oscars ceremony as she was surrounded by so many of her acting heroes. The successful young star was nominated for an award but admits she was more worried about falling over.

“The Oscars was so nerve wracking! Every other person is someone you’ve admired forever. I was more worried about tripping over in front of Penélope Cruz than winning,” she joked.

The star also revealed some advice George Clooney gave her when they starred in the Oscar-nominated comedy Up in the Air.

“George Clooney told me, ‘You can make a bad movie out of a good script, but you can’t make a good movie out of a good script. That was duly noted,” she said.

Eclipse TV Spots

Heii guys,
I'm sorry,
but I'm not sure if I've  already posted some of these clips...
there are just too much to remember every clip or spot.
I hope you understand what I'm writing about. 

Emma Roberts Twitter Account Deleted over Twi-Drama? (Team Jacob-Drama)

Emma Roberts pulled a Miley Cyrus and deleted her twitter account because of too much drama.

Emma Roberts, niece of Julia Roberts, might have felt brave when she announced she's on Team Jacob while sitting next to Edward himself, Robert Pattinson, but she wasn't feeling brave anymore when Team Edward went after her. The 19-year-old actress shut down her Twitter account after being attacked by the "Twilight" vampire's supporters.

On the "Tonight Show," Roberts fearlessly said she's on Team Jacob while Pattinson was sitting next to her.

The 24-year-old English actor jokingly replied, "Well, you just revealed yourself to have no taste."

And although the two appeared to have a good time goading each other, Team Edward wasn't amused.

Pattinson's fans flocked to Roberts' Twitter and posted not-so-kind things about the actress just because she didn't share their taste. Roberts has apparently shut down her account because of the barrage of Team Edward tweets, according to

Roberts has co-starred with Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob in the "Twilight" film series, on "Valentine's Day." That might explain her devotion to the team.

Emma Roberts has been scared by nasty tweets from Twihards after revealing that she is Team Jacob during her appearance with Robert Pattinson in 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'.

Emma Roberts has run off her Twitter account following her confession
on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on June 15, E! Online reported.

During her visit, Emma told host Jay Leno that she is Team Jacob, and
although Robert Pattinson, also on the show with her, could take the
avowal with a joke, Twihards were unfortunately not.

She told Robert Pattinson, "Your hair looks wonderful
in person but I have to say I'm Team Jacob," with the 24-year-old actor
jokingly replying "You've just revealed yourself to have absolutely no


New Eclise Movie Companion Stills

More from Elle UK. Kristen Talks about Joan Jett and Her Kind of Music

How much did you know about Joan before you played her? Were you a fan of her music?
I was a fan of her music, like, in LA you grow up listening to the radio, it's so great. There used to be a really great radio station that would play what you actually listen to - so I knew who Joan Jett was but I didn't really know who The Runaways were. They were kind of forgotten, no one my age knows who they were but they do now!

She's pretty cool though, right?
She's so sweet. Detail wise it was really nerve wracking to get her. She's a really dynamic person, and she has so many fans and people that know her distinctly.

Was it hard to "get her"?
Musically she has the weirdest voice, she has the coolest voice. I luckily played guitar but I had to learn her stuff and her style.
She's a leftie but plays right handed, right?
Yeah, she's left handed but luckily plays regular. There's one scene when she's signing her contract and I had to do it with my left hand.

What stuff are you listening to right now?
I'm listening to Camera Obscura at the moment. My favourite band is Interpol, and i'm listening to Broken Bells a lot too. they are the new band from the lead singer of The Shins. I listen to a lot of music in the car or in airports, I'm always going somewhere so I get the chance to listen to a lot of music on my ipod. I'm kind of into The Smiths too. I've never really been a fan of theirs but I am getting into it now. I still dance around my room pretending i'm Morrissey, which is funny, it's so emo. My favourite Smiths song is Vicar In A Tutu....I listen to stuff over and over until I know it really well, but this song's hard, I had to look up the lyrics.

Fansites meet Stephenie Meyer- Twifans

Here's a little teaser of the questions (Alison & Kim) asked Stephenie Meyer during our 4 hour Q & A. Some questions are Bree Tanner spoilers so we're not going to post those in this teaser:

1. What rule did Bree actually break according to the Volturi? (Fan question credit to - jencwu)

2. When will The Official Twilight Guide be released?

3. What do you think about Fan Fiction?

4. How do you feel about creating a fictional character all men are measured against?

5. Edward's movie Volvo (hatch back & mom mobile) &is different then the book Volvo, what do you think about this?

6. Based on the clips, Hot Angry Edward seems to be a fan favorite. Why do u think the fans seem to be so excited about this?

7. In the book Eclipse Bella jumps between Edward & Jacob in the tent scene to stop them from fighting. If Bella hadn’t done that, our members want to know who would win – Edward or Jacob?

8. During the motorcycle scene in the parking lot Bella leaves Edward & rides off with Jacob. Our members don’t think book Bella would ever treat Edward like that, what’s your opinion?

9. What made you put your producer hat on for Breaking Dawn & what will you bring to the table?

10. Do you have a message for the fans?

These are just questions. Each of the 4 fansites ( Letters 2 Twilight, Twilight Source & Twilight Series Theories) asked their own great questions so there's a lot more info coming your way. We'll be posting a little more on Monday but can't post anything Eclipse movie related until after the is released. Stay tuned!

P.S Midnight Sun was discussed!

Taylor Lautner Go Karting in Germany

While in Berlin, Taylor hits the track. He also grabbed a bite to eat at Zillemarkt restaurant while watching some World Cup action.

I really don't get it!
He's in Germany and what does he do???
He drives Go Kart???
If I would be in the USA I wouldn't drive Go Kart!!!

Fansites meet with Stephenie Meyer - Twilight Lexicon

Twilight Lexicon posted this:

Here is what came up with the lunch that the fansites had with Stephenie Meyer. They will have full transcripts later of the 4-hour interview. Much of it will be released after Eclipse comes out as to not spoil movie for anyone, but this is a listing of some main talking points:

Midnight Sun: Is not off the table. It won’t be her next project, but she has not cancelled it. She needs it to be the thing she is the most excited about to write it effectively or it won’t be good.

It was a 4.5 hour interview very laid back atmosphere, they discussed everything.

Bree Tanner:
Freaky Fred: In his human life was that he was very introverted nerdy human science type very intelligent who observed everyone who kept his distance from people by always avoiding eye contact. That translated into his vampire repulsion technique no one wants to watch or see him. He still retains his intelligence and inquisitiveness.

Don’t watch: the line was to both Bree and to Bella in equal measure.

Riley: Stephenie’s attitude/view of Riley had changed. People lost sympathy for Riley and she did too when writing it.

Diego made Riley assist in the actual killing of Diego.
Victoria enjoyed making Riley do it.

Riley did try to save Diego but Victoria wouldn’t show mercy.
The fact that Riley cared for Diego made Victoria want to hurt Diego more and after Riley helps in his death he totally lost every good part of himself. embraced the dark side in a sense.

Stephenie hated killing Bree.

Bree and Diego as humans were strong minded as humans that prevents them from being totally animalistic as vampires

She always knew the Volturi had visited Victoria. The fact that Victoria is now forced into a decision is why Alice can suddenly see what is happening.

Jane acts without Aro’s direct knowledge. Aro sends her and the team to North America with Aro’s blessing to act as Jane sees fit. Jane would actually have liked to kill Alice too because she knows that Alice would be Aro’s bigger prize than her if Aro ever got her in Italy permanently. She would be higher ranked than Jane and Jane actually hates Alice more than Bella. However Jane realized that Aro would kill Jane if Alice died at her hands or inaction, so Jane has no choice in the end.

Edward didn’t tell anyone that he read Bree’s thoughts because any info Edward got was not going to change anything. It wouldn’t make anything better at that point. Bella was also still human and he didn’t want to risk a human Bella by saying anything.

Breaking Down: The parody version of Breaking Down that Stephenie wrote in her head as a release from stress.
Stephenie just decided to write in her head a story where Charlie ends up as a meth addict, Bella accidentally kills Alice, Edward runs off in depression can’t stand Bella anymore, Bella settles down in the arms of Mike Newton who then leaves her and runs off with Eric Yorkie. Bella can’t take it anymore walks to the infamous cliff goes to commit suicide then decides she can’t do it turns back from the cliff trips over her own two feet, trips, hits her head on a rock and dies.

Other novellas:
Nothing immediately in the works, but didn’t discount idea totally
If she were to continue she would write series from Rensemee’s and Leah’s points of view

Downside of fame:
No chance in interviews anymore to really in depth character questions because bigger media glosses over the little stuff all the fans want to know. In other words the interview that all focus on the dream, etc.

Stephenie doesn’t feel that Twilight is out there to have a message or theme and that everyone should choose as the characters do. It’s the choice that they made in their circumstances. She didn’t write it to have a specific theme or message, but if she had to pick something there is an over arching theme of choice and what the pros and cons of any given choice are. But that’s not to say the books are an allegory on choice.

Justin Whatever Bieber says his hair is more famous than Rob's!!!

at  1:30 mark


4 new Eclipse Screenshoots

Happy Birthday Edward!

Happy 109. Birthday
Edward Cullen!

Eclipse Berlin Press Conference Video


Germany! ;p

Meet the TwiCast @Nordtrom

- Sat., Jun. 26: Elizabeth Reaser (Esme Cullen) and Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale) at Nordstrom Downtown Seattle

- Sat., Jun. 26: Cameron Bright (Alec) at Nordstrom Downtown Portland (Ore.)
- Sat., Jun. 26: Jodelle Ferland (Bree) at Nordstrom NorthPark Center (Dallas)
- Sun., Jun. 27: Alex Meraz (Paul) at Nordstrom Montgomery Mall (Bethesda, Md.)
- Sun., Jun. 27: Justin Chon (Eric) at Nordstrom Stoneridge (Pleasanton, Calif.)
- Sun., Jun. 27: Tyson Houseman (Quil Ateara) at Nordstrom Fashion Valley (San Diego)
- Mon., Jun. 28: BooBoo Stewart (Seth) at Nordstrom Oakbrook Center (Oakbrook, Ill.)
More @ Nordstrom

Billy Burke - Live In Concert...

To celebrate the release of his debut album "Removed", Billy "bring him in" Burke will be playing a show, which you can win passes to:

For those who live or will be in the Los Angeles area on June 22nd, we’ll be kicking off the release with a party at The House Of Blues in Hollywood where the band and I will be performing a few cuts from the record.
This will be an invitation only event, however WE WILL BE GIVING AWAY SOME PASSES TO SUBSCRIBERS so if you haven’t yet already, sign up (top right corner of this page) and stay tuned if you’re interested in attending the show.

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