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New 'Eclipse' Clip- Jacob Brings Bella Home + Taylor Set Interview


Rob @ the WFE set (6/9/2010)


Robert Pattinson ducked out of a car on the set of Water for Elephants this morning. We cannot get enough of that handsome haircut. Rob's filming schedule had already meant less Eclipse promotion from him as Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner took on the international duties in Australia and Asia. Rob was able to join in the MTV Movie Awards madness where he treated us to some amazing behind the scenes sweet moments with Kristen. Rob will also be missing some of the NYC press duties, but will have a sit down interview with Jenna Bush Hager for The Today Show on June 14. Buzz has the newest clip from the movie, featuring some words from Rob and a whole new crop of stills — plus, if you want to have a little more Edward in your life, there's always these gadget skins.

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Video: Rob talks about how he likes to work


Robert Pattinson is one of Hollywood’s biggest sex symbols, and unlike co-star Kristen Stewart he is not shying away from fame. Pattinson is actually rather keen on navigating his career by himself, so don’t expect the Twilight star to be surrounded by a group of sycophantic handlers. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens nationwide June 30th.

New WFE set pictures


Here’s what Gittsy had to say about her Water For Elephants adventure.
Some photos from my photoventure with Mylo today at the Water For Elephants set. Never been to a film set so it was pretty interesting to see what was going on and talk to total strangers & people involved. The roustabouts were nice too, stopped to say hi & take a few pics. I REALLY enjoyed the drive, total change of scenery.. orange groves, avocados, honey farms & mountains all around. I’d love to go back with more time and get photos of the rows of orange groves at sunset! mhm :)

Kevin Ketcham (a WFE roustabout) tweeted last night about how impressive it is.
Just got done shooting and the shots are more vivid and amazing than I imagined when reading the book, its looking awesome.
You can follow Kevin on Twitter @kevinketcham

New Eclipse Trading Card - "Marry Me"


Rob on the cover of Cosmopolitan Mag- Spain June 2010

Peter tweets about

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Pictures: Dakota @ the CFDA Fashion Awards

First Trailer For Gil Birmingham's Movie 'Rango'

Not much is going on in the trailer for Gil Birmingham's newest movie Rango. The animated film is set to release on March 18, 2011. The film features the voices of Gil, Johnny Depp and Isla Fisher. Click here to view the trailer.

Free Meet And Greet With Jackson Rathbone on June 18th

@SeattleMovies recently tweeted that Jackson Rathbone and his Airbender co-star Nicola Peltz will be at the Westfield Southcenter mall on June 18th for a FREE meet and greet with fans starting at 1PM.

Kristen is Teen Vogue's Fashion Crush

Each week, Teen Vogue lists its “Fashion Crush.” This week is none other than Kristen Stewart.

The pictures of Stewy’s style start during the beginning of the “Twilight” era, so you can see the range of styles she’s worn since 2008. The looks start with some simpler ensembles, namely the printed Phillip Lim frock Stewart wore to the 2008 VMA’s. Kristen still rocks the look, along with her Bella locks, but it’s less glam-rock than her current style.

Her first form-fitting style in the pictorial is the Balenciaga dress she wore to the “Twilight” premiere in Los Angeles. You know this dress – one shouldered, red, gray and white. Starting with the “Twilight” premiere, she decides to stick with more form fitting or short ensembles that show off her rocker style and her mile-long legs (unless the occasion calls for something else – e.g. The Oscars).

Teen Vogue doesn’t leave out Kristen’s own look – jeans, a T, and sneakers. This is part of Kristen Stewart’s style and is part of why she’s their Fashion Crush. If you recall the “Adventureland” premiere, along with the screening of “Welcome to the Rileys” and “The Runaways” at Sundance, Kristen was definitely dressed down, but maintained her sense of self – something for which Kristen is well known. But, Kristen knows when and where to use this look. When “Adventureland” moved to LA, Kristen wore a mini dress by Herve Lager for Max Azria. At the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, many people criticized Stewart for wearing Converse with her Yigal Azrouel black and red dress. However, what many failed to realize is that Kristen had an ankle injury requiring her to wear comfortable shoes. Again, Kristen knows when and where to dress it up and dress it down.

John Corbett Talks About Kristen

Twilight and Sex and the City have something big in common – and it's more than just the fact they're box-office blockbusters.

Sarah Jessica Parker's on-screen ex, John Corbett, co-starred with Kristen Stewart in the 2007 horror flick The Messengers – and he still stays in touch with the actress and her family.

So did he have any inkling that Stewart, 20, would become household name? "I thought Kristen was a rockin' actress back then, but you never know anyone's going to be a phenomenon when you're working with them – especially at that age," he tells PEOPLE.

The actor says Stewart’s overnight rise to fame has not been an easy adjustment for her family.

"I saw Kristen's dad John, and we were talking about this phenomenon she has become, and quite frankly what a pain in the ass it is for her, too," says Corbett, 49. "I think 'bizarre' is the word to describe how Kristen's dad feels. It's his little girl, and I think he feels very protective over her. I'm not putting words in John's mouth, but it's not natural to have your kid be the subject of so much attention – wanted and unwanted.

Tom Felton talks about Rob:"Rob's very sweet and just a very cool guy."

Harry Potter and Twilight have two of the most dedicated fan bases we've probably ever seen (and they just so happen to have a Robert Pattinson connection).

Both consistently dominate the box office, Twitter and, most recently, the MTV Movie Awards.

But what happens when the two come face to face? Well, we'll let Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in Potter and who won Best Villain answer that for you.

"It's no question really," Tom said cutely and smugly when we asked who would win in a fight between Edward and Draco. "A wand is going to beat...Oh, wait. I dare not answer that. But yeah, let's go with a wand over fangs for now."

We'd have to agree; score one for Potter. So how about their cult Twitter followers? We were surprised when we stumbled upon the insane fan base for Mr. Felton on Sunday at the MTV bash.

"That might be equal," Felton laughed. However, unlike Kristen Stewart's feelings toward the new wave of social media, Tom's all for it.

"It's totally cool. Twitter sprung up out of nowhere," Tom said, adding how he thought it was a cool way to interact with the fans. "It's great. There are so many fantastic supporters out there. I can't thank them enough. They're awesome."

Then again, Felton and his GF are hardly as hounded as Rob and Kristen, so can't say we blame the babe for hating the new form technology.

Wands down for a second, though, Tom had nothing but great things to say about good mate R.Pattz, whom he worked with in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

"I hadn't seen him for a long time actually, and then I saw him for his Remember Me premiere, and I was amazed that he remembered me," Felton joked. That was the first time Tom had seen Rob since he became a worldwide phenom.

"Rob's very sweet and just a very cool guy. He's actually very unaffected by all this. He's kind of the beacon of hope for life after Harry Potter. I'm very proud of him."

Rob will be on "The Today Show" June 14th

Gossipcop has confirmed that an interview with Robert Pattinson will air on “The Today Show” on Monday, June 14.
Former First Daughter Jenna Bush Hager conducted the chat.

Screencaps of 'Blood Is Thicker Than Water'

Alex Meraz' 'The City of Garden's Official Website Is Up

Alex Meraz recently tweeted that the official website of the film he had been working on in Peru, The City of Gardens, is now up and running!

The City of Gardens, is inspired by the 1980s story of a young American surfer wrongfully accused of cocaine trafficking and sent to prison. While in prison, he encounters a series of eccentric and dangerous characters that compel him to grow up and find a way to escape.

New Still From the Hillywood's 'Runaways' Parody

A Runaways parody is in the works by "The Hillywood Show", the talented sisters who brought us the parodies for Twilight and New Moon. Yesterday, they shared a never-before-seen still from their Runaways parody that is due to release later this month.

Peter radiointerview with 'Radio1'

Eigenes Fenster

Eigenes Fenster

Germany: The longest fanletter of the world -13km

The longest fanletter is 12 km long and mady by Tokio Hotel fans. 
We have to reach 13 km to top their record.

Mach mit und sei Teil eines fantastischen Gesamtwerkes, welches es in dieser Form noch nie gegeben hat. Dein Engagement wird belohnt: Unter den fleißigsten und einfallsreichsten Briefschreibern verlosen wir tolle Gewinne!

Bis(s)-Schuber, eine Wii und eine exklusive Bis(s)-Umhängetasche warten auf Dich. Der Hauptpreis ist eine Reise nach Seattle für zwei Personen!
(mehr zu den Gewinnen hier)

Der aus allen Einsendungen zusammengestellte Brief wird in seiner vollen Pracht auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse im Oktober präsentiert und danach an die Autorin der Bis(s)-Romane, Stephenie Meyer, übergeben!
  1. Schreibe einen Fanbrief. Wichtig dabei ist, dass Du ihn ganz klassisch mit Stift und auf Papier im A4 Format schreibst. Bitte beschreibe das Papier immer nur auf der Vorderseite. Der Länge des Briefes und Deiner Fantasie bei der Gestaltung sind jedoch keine weiteren Grenzen gesetzt.
  2. Fotografiere oder scanne Dein Werk. Bitte erstelle aus jeder Seite Deines Briefs eine extra Bilddatei.
  3. Lade Deine Bilddateien bis zum 12. September 2010 direkt hier hoch. Achte bitte darauf, dass die Größe von 500 KB pro einzelne Datei (Format: JPEG) nicht überschritten wird.
  4. Überprüfe noch einmal ob alle Eintragungen korrekt sind und ob Du nichts vergessen hast. Dann kannst du deinen Brief veröffentlichen.
  5. Nun ist Dein Brief online und auch für alle anderen sichtbar.
  6. Um unser gemeinsames Ziel, einen neuen Rekord aufzustellen, zu erreichen und das Gesamtwerk auf der Buchmesse präsentieren und an Stephenie Meyer übergeben zu können, benötigen wir Deinen Originalbrief. Darum bitten wir Dich, das vorbereitete Teilnehmerformular herunterzuladen und ausgefüllt zusammen mit Deinem Brief an die angegebene Adresse zu senden. Download Teilnahmeformular (PDF, 88 KB)
Bitte drucke jetzt das Download Teilnahmeformular (PDF, 88 KB) aus, fülle es aus und sende es zusammen mit dem Orginal-Liebesbrief an 

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