Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wir lieben Kino - Eclipse Extra

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Teen Choice Awards Nominees List

Other projects of the Twilight stars have made it into the nominees list for the 2010 Teen Choice Awards which airs on Monday, August 9th. You can VOTE HERE once a day, everyday until the big show!

- Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift for Valentine’s Day

- Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift for Valentine’s Day

- The Runaways (Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning)
- Remember Me (Robert Pattinson)

Actor Drama:
- Robert Pattinson for Remember Me

Actress Drama:
- Kristen Stewart for The Runaways
- Dakota Fanning for The Runaways

Romantic Comedy:
- Valentine’s Day (Taylor Lautner)

- Nightmare on Elm Street (Kellan Lutz)

MTV: Trailer For Nikki Reed's 'Last Day of Summer'


Before "The Twilight Saga," Nikki Reed was a well-respected indie actress, having come to fame after writing and starring in the semi-autobiographical movie "Thirteen," about a young girl who gets caught up in a fast life she's not quite ready for. Just because Nikki's been in some of the biggest movies of the past few years doesn't mean she's given up that indie streak.

Hollywood Crush has gotten its hands on the exclusive trailer for Nikki's latest indie venture, called "Last Day of Summer." It follows a menial fast food worker named Joe (the appropriately gawky DJ Qualls ... remember him from "Road Trip"?), who meets Nikki's Stefanie, a feisty young woman who catches Joe on a bad day — a very bad day.

After being tormented by his d-bag boss, played by William Sadler (aka the sheriff from "Roswell!"), Joe cracks and kidnaps Stefanie at gunpoint after she rebuffs his advances. Stefanie becomes more and more desperate as she tries to escape her inept kidnapper.

It looks like a great vehicle for Nikki to show off her acting chops, since obviously her Rosalie hasn't been a central character in the "Twilight" movies as of yet. And it's always nice to see DJ Qualls playing a grown-up instead of a gawky teenager.

Jackson & Taylor make Twi-tot's day


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New Eclipse EW Outtake

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Ashley Presents at Espy Awards

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Exclusive: ‘Water for Elephants’ Book to be Re-Issued with Movie-Tie In Design

The Water for Elephants book publisher, Algonquin Books, confirmed to today that plans exist to reissue the book as a movie tie-in edition.
I asked the publisher if a book release and movie release date has been set and the official word is that Algonquin plans to publish the movie tie-in edition to coincide with the release date, which is currently slated for Spring 2011.
The movie filming and “The RPattz Effect” has sparked a lot of renewed interest in this literary gem. Just yesterday, Algonquin Books announced that Water for Elephants was back on the New York Times Best Seller List at #12. This is an amazing accomplishment for a book that first published four years ago!
If you haven’t already checked out Water for Elephants, make sure to buy a copy or rent from your local library.

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Bobby Long at the Troubador, LA


Sam Bradley rocks out the Hotel Cafe


Ashley Greene & Tracey Morgan on the EPSY's