Friday, July 9, 2010

New Entertainment Weekly Outtake: Ashley Greene

Welcome to the Rileys Screencaps

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Kellan Lutz - Google Skin and Facebook layout

Rob & Kristen's date night (E! News video)


Another Oscar Nominee attached to WfE!! Meet the Score Composer!

James Newton Howardhas been revealed as the composer of the score for Water for Elephants! Mr. Howard is an Emmy and Grammy winner along with a multiple Academy Award nominee.

James Newton Howard
Tweeted out by Water for Elephants director, Francis Lawrence (@Hibbits on twitter):
Yes he [james newton howard] is scoring the movie and he has already written and pre recorded a bunch of music for us. #WFE
Click here for Mr. Howard’s full list of credits.

Dakota Covers Flare

Pictures of Sara Gruen on set, Jacob and August filming final scenes

This has been an exciting week on the Water for Elephants set in Piru,Ventura County, CA. The director aka Hibbits tweeted that he was about to film the stampede scene from the book several days back, and some great pictures have been coming in today from Wednesdays filming and here are some of the best.

First and foremost they have had a very special visitor at the Benzini Brothers Circus, Sara Gruen the creator of this lovely story took time to meet Tai aka Rosie and get to know her.

Robert Pattinson playing the part of Jacob Jankowski was filmed running with Queenie in his arms. Jacob and August are back on top of the train, probably filming a night scene by the look of the lamp in Jacob’s hand and the green background.

According to the tweet from @Thom_Thumb_ this is the final day at this location, I wonder where the parade will be filmed? Now that should be awesome to watch. Twittered @Thom_Thumb_: Last day at this set location.. What an amazing experience.. I'm gonna miss it. Looking forward to the parade.

They still have a few final scenes to film before the wrap mainly Jacob at Cornell University and old people’s residence, but by the 20th of this month most filming should be finished except for some reshoots of scenes that may need to be repeated.

It really looks as if the cast and crew have had a great time filming Water for Elephants, who wouldn’t.

More Rosie and Benzini Circus Pictures

more @ my source: WFefilm 
taken by the “Sacramento “set soldiers”.

Twilight Google Skins!

Carlisle & Esme Cullen

Jasper & Alice

Emmett & Rosalie

Bella & Jacob

Featuring #WFE Roustabout Patrick Donahue

Roustabout Patrick Donahue may be wrapping up his time on the ‘Water for Elephants’ set, but he’s been busy filming and promoting his ‘Twilight’ parody video Live Free or Twihard. It’s all about the thug life in Forks. And it’s pretty freakin’ funny! Watch!
Patrick isn’t the only ‘Water for Elephants’ cast member cross-over, while watching the vid we also spotted rousty Sterling Hall and rubes Alexa Rose and Camille Abelow. Awesome!

Patrick Donahue
Did you know Patrick has connections to ‘Twilight?’ This guy has been on various sets with ‘Twilight’ cast members Robert Pattinson, Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene. You’d think this might be his inspiration for the parody, but Patrick is actually a big ‘Twilight’ fan! (In that fandom we refer to his kind as a UNICORN.) Patrick confided in us, “I’m one of the few guys I know that kind of enjoys Twilight, and had always wanted to make some sort of spoof tribute to it. The main reason for the vid was just for fun and to entertain. Nothing better than making other people laugh!” And laugh we did! But hey, Thugward’s sparkles are better than the real thing!!
Something else we learned about Patrick? Anna Kendrick is in his freebie five! He has a HUGE celebrity crush on her!
Patrick doesn’t think Robert Pattinson or Water for Elephants director Francis Lawrence have seen the spoof, but we’d love for them to! Please help Patrick out by spreading the word on your Facebook and Twitter accounts! On Twitter, follow Patrick at @actorpat.
Learn the lyrics so you can sing along:
Yo.I’ll read yo’ mind
I’m a vampire sucka
All the shawties wanna look
into my eyes (muthaf**ka!)
100+ years pimpin’
all my tricks n’ hoes
You want a diploma?
I got a hundred of those.
My clan’s here in Forks,
We gotta hide from the sun.
We throw it down hardcore when
The thunder comes.
I’ve got that perfect smile
And those sparkling abs
Oh snap, who’s this shawty
In biology lab?
She ain’t no Anna Kendrick
But I drop the beat.
She smells so damn good I’m gonna
Skeet skeet skeet (ho-kay!)
Can’t read her thoughts
She’s brunette and sullen
Whassup baby girl?
The name’s Edward Cullen.
I’m a vampire.
But I don’t eat humans cause I’m one of the good guys.
I’m a vampire.
In the 3-6-0 represent with my gold eyes.
I’m a vampire.
Team Eddie in the house, and we party all night!
I’m a vampire.
Throw yo’ hands in the air cause it’s Twilight.
And so the lion fell in love
With a hot ass lamb (stupid lamb)
Walkin’ down the hall at school
Everybody sayin’ daaaamn.
I climb in thru her window
Cause her dad’s a five-oh.
We’re gettin’ kinda heavy
But I gotta go slow so I
Stare (into your eyes)
Stare (I wanna touch your thighs)
Stare (even when you sleep)
(Yeah, that’s pretty much the movie.)
And Bella wants to be like me
With my immortality
Cause she does not want to be
Dead like Cedric Diggory.
Then some haters wanna hate
But that just won’t fly
So we gear up Cullen style
For vampire drive by.
After shit gets crazy
Thought it best we took a break
All lookin for the rebound
Is this sucka named Jake
Bella kinda digs him
And it’s time for tween drama
But don’t worry in the end
She’s gonna be my baby mama
Now theres werewolves on the scene
And they’re ready to front
But we gotta make peace
So we pass the blunt
Then Dakota busts in and
She says “read my lips”
Bella can’t be a human
By the end of Eclipse
So I put a ring on it
And we get our freak on
Breaking headboards and walls
Til the Breaking Dawn
Then she pops out a kid
It grows up real fast
And now all the Volturi
Wanna kick some ass
But we all make nice
Cause they don’t want drama
Cause it’s all happy endings
In the Twilight Saga.
(a-o, a-o, a-e-i-o-u-sometimes y)
(Oh my god Team Edward! I love you Edward!)
(Shut up baby, I know it.)
(Uhn, Live free. Or Twihard. Know what I’m sayin?)