Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stop all those rumors and go back to reporting facts.

Okay so... I know that I did not post anything for a long time and truth to be told:

I think that it was the right thing to do.

Let's face it... no one really knows what is going on with Robert or Kristen anyway, so why speculate about it?

No matter what is the truth about them.

They deserve privacy to sort their lives!

Imagine you were them... would you want to be under to spotlight all the time?!

I cannot imagine that it is possible to live a happy and content life like that.

Love and friendship may overcome many things, but if every single thing you do is public it is likely to fail at one point.

Give them PRIVACY!!!

I know that I myself did cyberstalk them to and that I still look for pictures, but there is a huge difference between spreading rumors and spreading pictures of photoshoots and add campaigns.

If you want to support a star do it the right way...

View their movies, listen to their music and look for official photos or even photos taken by other fans.

But do not support the media. 

Stop them from spreading nasty rumors and constantly taking paparazzi pictures!

(I am not criticising fanblogs right now... I just want to point out what the big news sites like hollywoodlife, etc are doing)