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Ruby Jerins says Rob is a great actor

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Interview of Rob, Kristen & Taylor with The Journal Gazette.They reflect on fame from films

LOS ANGELES – The “Twilight” series may have changed the lives of fans worldwide, but perhaps no one has been more affected by its success than the three stars of the series: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

All became overnight sensations when they were introduced to the novel’s millions of fans as the faces of Edward, Bella and Jacob – the three high-school students with mystical secrets at the center of the story. Edward is a vampire, Jacob is a werewolf and Bella is the ordinary teenage girl loved by both of them.

Pattinson, 24, Stewart, 20, and Lautner, 18, went from bit parts to big stars with the first “Twilight” film. The young cast reflected on the ups and downs of newfound fame.

“Eclipse,” the next film in the franchise, opens Wednesday.

The best thing to come out of the ‘Twilight’ mania?

Stewart: It’s the same satisfaction that I get from any other movie; it’s just that so many more people are paying attention. I always say I make movies for the life experience – literally, you steal from the characters you play – and to know that that’s actually affecting 100 million not only little girls, but really spans the ages of people, it just feels good. It’s so different from anything I’ve ever experienced, so that’s definitely the best thing.

Pattinson: Presenting at the Oscars and stuff, it’s just kind of so surreal. … The control you’re given because of “Twilight’s” success is kind of incredible. It is an amazing feeling.

Lautner: It’s traveling the world in general and seeing this kind of fan support worldwide. We go to Sao Paolo and then we go to Mexico City, we go all over the world and we have fans there with the same amount of passion everywhere we go. It’s just amazing to know we have that kind of fan support behind us.

One thing you miss from pre-‘Twilight’ life?

Stewart: I like being outside. I like to take walks and I could totally take walks – it’s not the fans, the fans are great, they would let me walk. It’s the other people, you know what I mean. It’s the other people.

Pattinson: I loved driving around LA. I know not a lot of people say that, but if you don’t have to get anywhere, LA is the best place to drive ’round in. I used to have this little car, a convertible ... and I really do miss doing that, as the sun is going down, driving over the mountains. It’s a great thing and I kind of do miss that a little bit. It’s not really the same thing when you’ve got 10 cars following you.

Lautner: Malls and movie theaters, or me at them. You have to make adjustments but you can’t let it get to you.

Most memorable fan encounter?

Stewart: There were two girls that wound up in Italy as extras. I had met them previously in Vancouver but they were from Minnesota, so lots of traveling and strange coincidence that they happen to have been placed right next to my mark.

Lautner: There are so many. The Brazilian fans were very passionate. We were greeted by them at the airport. Apparently there were barricades but I didn’t see them. It was an interesting walk from the airport doors to our car.

Interview of Rob, Kristen & Taylor with Allociné


Volvo's Italian Promo with Eclipse Scenes

A new scene at 0:27-0:28

Rob's clips from 'Twilight Night'



New Eclipse Behind the Scenes Pic od Rob with Peter


Rob, Kristen, and Taylor's Interview with Jake Hamilton/Jake The Movie Guy


2 new pictures of Ashley and Kellan

Italy: Eclipse - Volvo

Alex Meraz and Defenders of Wildlife team up to save the wolves

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Hey Mandy,
I know you hail from the wilds of Canada ;) but I'm sure many of your readers like me, are in the States, so I'm hoping that you could post some info about the Defenders of Wildlife Save Americas Wolves campaign. Alex has filmed a PSA for them which can be found at (it a YouTube vid). The site asks people to encourage the President(restore wolves to the endangered species act) and Congress(PAW act to stop aerial killings in Alaska) to support conservation efforts, they also ask for donations (directly, through texting, and shopping at their store). I think Twi fans will definitely be interested in helping.
Thanks Joyce

btw got the info through and


ASCC Now hosts Charlie Bewley Contest

Artists Supporting a Cure for Cancer Now (ASCC Now) is having a special celebrity portrait contest! We've partnered with Alex's Lemonade to raise money for childhood cancer awareness. To enter the contest all you have to do is draw a portrait of a fab star of the Twilight Saga, in the role of Demetri, Charlie Bewley working at an Alex's Lemonade Stand. You can use whatever medium you'd like, so get creative!

Charlie has graciously agreed to autograph the portrait, record a brief video message AND send along a personal note to the winner! The winner's portrait and video will be posted on ASCC Now and Alex's Lemonade Stand's websites.

Contest Open: July 12
Contest Closes: August 13

Application and mailing information will be available on open date
Digital entries and high resolution pictures will be accepted in lieu of physical submission (finalist will be asked to turn in their portrait)

Medium: Any, as long as it's two dimensional.

Dimensions: No larger than 3' x 3'

Entry Fee: $10 (payable by check to ASCC Now; we're working on a Paypal link for credit cards.)

Prize: Video message from Charlie Bewley, autographed portrait, and personal note from Charlie Bewley.

Nikki Reed cast in 'Catch 44'

Nikki has landed a brand new role in a movie called "Catch .44!" alongside Bruce Willis, Malin Akerman and Willis, Forest Whitaker and many many more! Shooting begins in July.

Tes, Dawn and Kara are three girls working dead end jobs barely getting by in Vegas. Their lives radically change when Tes has a run-in with an interesting stranger named Mel. When Mel offers the girls a chance at a better life through crime, they take him up on the offer only to find themselves thrust into a life or death situation involving a psychopathic hit-man, a grizzly trucker, and a delusional line cook.

The movie will be filmed in Shreveport, Louisiana and you can check out the movie's official site by clicking HERE.

Twilight Night: Messages to fans

Robert Pattinson's message to fans:


Kristen Stewart's message to fans:


Peter tweets pictures

Full Eclipse EW Magazine Scans

New Eclipse TV Spot: 'In 4 Tagen'


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Gestern haben wir euch den TV Clip für Volvo gezeigt, nun sind ein paar ähnliche Bilder und etwas mehr aufgetaucht.. Viel spaß beim anschauen, es sind viele.. *gg*