Monday, May 24, 2010

Kristen's 'On The Road' Gets More International Distribution Given limited distribution for some of Kstew’s other recent indie flicks (e.g., “The Runaways”, “Welcome to the Rileys”) it is encouraging news that makers of the upcoming film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” have already announced far-reaching distribution plans.

Heard recently at Cannes and confirmed via IMDB Pro, Icon Film Distribution of Great Britain and Icon Film Distribution of Australia were announced as regional distributors of the film. For the Great Britain branch, this translates to theatrical distribution in Ireland and all media distribution in the UK. For the Australian arm, this means theatrical distribution in New Zealand and all media distribution in Australia.

Other distribution rights for the film had already been sold to other regions—Cinearts holds rights for Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg (Benelux), and Concorde Filmverleih for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.

In addition to Kristen, who has been confirmed for the role of Marylou (widely known to be parallel real-life associate of Kerouac, Luanne Henderson), other confirmed cast members for “On the Road” include Kirsten Dunst (as Camille), Sam Riley (as Sal Paradise), and Garrret Hedlund (as protagonist Dean Moriarty).

The film is a portrayal of Kerouac’s own Beatnik experience, which rejected social norms of materialism while embracing taboos around sexuality and drugs. TIME Magazine critics Lev Grossman and Richard Lacayo named “On the Road” among the 100 Best American Novels written since 1923, calling it “the book that launched a thousand trips”.

GossipCop's Take on US Weekly's RobSten "Torture' Story

US Weekly's article headline "Rob and Kristen "How She Tortures Him"

Since happiness and good cheer are boring, Us Weekly creates a bizarre alternate reality where Kristen Stewart “tortures” Robert Pattinson.


See, Robsten’s “love may be discreet, but their fights sure aren’t,” explains the magazine that once asked its readers to believe that Jennifer Aniston uses Architectural Digest as a weapon against ex-husband Brad Pitt.

Apparently, Stewart and Pattinson “had a spat on set” during Eclipse reshoots, sniping at each other “in full view of cast and crew.”

Uh-huh. Would this be the same “fight” about Pattinson being “late”? The one that never happened?

It’s all part of what the mag describes as a “stormy romance” in which Stewart “snaps” at Pattinson in public and, says a “source,” refuses to see them as “boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Of course, Us Weekly has no way of demonstrating what it claims.

So instead, it illustrates its “torture” theory by mentioning how Stewart and Pattinson arrived at the recent Oprah taping separately and then walked through the airport separately before “ducking into the private American Airlines Admirals Club together.”

Um, kinda sounds like two high-profile people who value their privacy.

Where do we sign up for this “torture”?

Weirdly, the tab seems to be arguing that Kristen Stewart is barely invested in a relationship… she’s desperately trying to hide.

And Kristen Stewart is desperately trying to hide a relationship, how? By feuding loudly in public?

How exactly does Stewart’s alleged “obsession with cloak-and-dagger secrecy,” as the mag calls it, reconcile with her penchant for public brawls?

It doesn’t. None of this makes sense. Gossip Cop hopes Us Weekly finds more actual news to report next week.

L.A. Twilight Convention Seating Chart

via TwiFans via Mandy's Mind (<-It's for her!)

I'm posting this seating plan for the convention, because one of my sources wants to fill the seating plan so that she can meet the people who are going to the convention.
So if you go please tell me where you sit in a comment below or e-mail me @

Eclipse Poster spotted in Greek cinemas

Thessaloniki, Greece (Village Cinemas, Mediterranean Cosmos)

Huge Eclipse Poster spotted in Finland

Picture: Kellan Lutz in Fury

Twilight Saga: Eclipse star Kellan Lutz, who plays Emmett, is starring in a new film called Fury that is now under production in Brusly, Louisiana

David Tweets New Alice Picture

New Edward Poster - From Wallmart

Same Edward image with Cullen crest background. Retails at $5, WalMart.

Picture of Rob from this weekend. At John Stamos house

it was Bob Saget's birthday

Pictures of Rob yesterday afternoon in LA


Robert Pattinson had his gym clothes in hand yesterday afternoon following a workout in LA. He had the afternoon off after spending much of last week in the Ventura area getting down to work on Water for Elephants. He was the first on set looking hot and dirty, but Rob was later joined by his costar Reese Witherspoon for more filming. Reese some downtime, and she spent her Saturday bonding with her son Deacon and boyfriend Jim Toth. Robert's own special friend Kristen Stewart was nowhere to be seen, but he and she will be together next month when they present a sneak peek of Eclipse at the MTV Movie Awards with Taylor Lautner.

Gil Birmingham & Chaske Spencer on set of "Shouting Secrets"

Photos from Gil Birmingham & Chaske Spencer on set of "Shouting Secrets"

New Eclipse Scene to be Revealed at MTV Movie Awards?

The MTV Movie Awards air live June 6th from the Gibson Theater in Universal City, California and it seems we will get a special Eclipse Treat...

E! Online writes:
It's official.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will be at the upcoming MTV Movie Awards in L.A. Not only will they be showing their faces, but...

The trio will once again hit the stage together to introduce a never-before-scene from Eclipse. The three did the same for New Moon at last year's Movie Awards and MTV's Video Music Awards in September.

After the first Twilight flick swept last year's Movie Awards with wins for best movie, best female performance, breakthrough performance male, best kiss and best fight, New Moon is nominated in five award categories this year.

No word yet if any of they'll be walking the red carpet or sitting together in the audience.

Vampire Peter Murphy from cameo in Twilight Saga Eclipse

It's been a long time since The Twilight Saga: Eclipse wrapped filming, but Peter Murphy, whose cameo in the film was spilled by Billy Burke (see her), has just released a photograph of himself in costume from the movie.

According to Twilighters Anonymous, the photo isn't the only relevant piece of information about the Bauhaus band member's appearance.

"[Peter] is involved in telling the story of how the wolves came to be . . . He is one of the provocateurs of the wolves way back when and he sort of starts the whole thing rolling," revealed Melissa Rosenberg in an interview.

Kristen Stewart Backstage At A Rob Zombie Concert

yesterday night (May 23rd)

BTS Video of Kristen Stewart's 'Flaunt' Photoshoot

Eigenes Fenster

'On the Road' Filming Locations Announced

The Montreal Gazette has announced that the adaptation of On the Road, which will star Kristen Stewart, will begin filming this August in Montreal and then move to New Orleans and Mexico.
The Kerouac adaptation will film here for most of the month of August, before heading south to New Orleans for a month of shooting. Then it shifts even farther south, with the production moving to Mexico for several weeks before returning to Montreal to wrap the final scenes.