Friday, July 23, 2010

'The Summer House' is iTunes #1 in 4 territories


New York - The iTunes release of The Summer House, featuring Twilight star Robert Pattinson, has debuted at number one in 4 territories.

Within hours of it hitting the iTunes Movie Store, the film had already topped movie sales charts in the US, Canada, Ireland and Germany, fending off competition from key blockbusters like Avatar and Green Zone.

Audiences have spoken, short movies rock, said Carter Pilcher CEO of Shorts International. As The Summer House’s record breaking dominance atop the movie chart demonstrates,short movies are the entertainment sweet spot for fans who are shifting to shorter, sharper bursts of entertainment.

Men's Health + Women's Health: Best Summer Bodys 2010

“All of this year’s finalists have a deep commitment to working out, staying fit, and eating smart,” said David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief of Men’s Health and editorial director of Women’s Health. “They have a variety of workout regimes from Pilates and yoga to boxing and weight training, kayaking and hiking to training for marathons. They’ve worked hard to achieve and maintain their amazing bodies — which is why they’ve earned their place on this year’s list.”

This was extremely well-deserved for Kellan. His body is always amaaazing. Also, Kellan’s cast-mates Ashley Greene aka Alice Cullen came in third place for the women, and Taylor Lautner aka Jacob Black and his drool-worthy body came in third place as well!

An Account of the Benzini Brothers Parade

H2OforElephants have an account from Emily Gregorio who has been working as an extra in Water for Elephants. She narrates what happened on the day of the parade, the actors, Rosie and she was also lucky enough to talk to Sara Gruen. Awesome, loved it, thanks for writing it down so we could all enjoy your experiance.

First, the Big Top Band rolled through playing their instruments. The clowns and various circus acts followed; and then, there she was, Tai the elephant (Rosie). She was wearing her usual headdress and was made-up with fake wounds as Reese Witherspoon (Marlena) rode her down the street, waving. Everyone was all-smiles as Christoph Waltz (August) walked by their side showing them off. However, in character, Robert Pattinson (Jacob) was watching closely to see if August was going to beat Rosie, as he was notorious for. The parade went on as zebras, llamas, and a lion followed down the street. “Cut!” the AD yelled, and the extras and actors all returned to their 2010-selves.

While waiting in the hot July sun, it was nearing lunchtime as they sent many extras back to the holding area. I was one of the lucky few that were chosen to stay for the close-up shot with Robert Pattinson and Christoph Waltz. This shot was awesome because I would get the chance to be inches away from Rob as he walked down the street for the parade (every Rob-lover’s dream). We were told to pantomime so the sound guys could pick up Rob and Christoph reciting their lines.

This scene was pretty intense as both the actors spat their lines with anger toward one another while trying to keep their composure for the crowd. Both Christoph and Rob did this part very well considering their strong friendship off camera. After many takes of that (which I’m not complaining about at all haha) we were finally off to lunch. I have to admit for the amount of people they had to feed, the food was really good! We had pasta, cheesy potatoes, corn, bread, salad, ice cream, brownies, and cookies.

While we had a break between takes, I had the privilege of talking with the author. She asked me when I got there and when I responded, 3:30am, she was shocked and seemed grateful that I and many others had been there for over 16 hours to bring her story to life. I then asked her how it felt having her story made into a major motion picture and she said, “I work with words, and words cannot even describe.” (something she later posted on her facebook profile). We chatted for a while after that about different things about the book and what she thought about the script (which she thought was very well written). We finished up the day with a few more shots of the same thing and were released at 8:30pm.

The complete article can be read over at WaterforElephantsfilm

Zac Efron is Team Edward


Sabrina Frank (German Mission Hollywood Winner) talks about meeting Kristen & Rob

Sabrina Frank was cast as Vera in 'Eclipse', Rosalie's friend in her back story. Her part was eventually cut from the film. In an interview with Glamour (Germany) she talked about Rob & Kristen.
Rough translation by: Google Translations & PSG

Glamour: Did you notice the Hype around that Robert & Kristen?

Sabrina: Yes, very much so!! It really is unbelievable that the fans would  find all the locations. On my first day of shooting, we were driven into the middle of the woods, I would have never found this way, and when we got there, there were already dozens of fans waiting. I was completely shocked, but my driver said, the fans sometimes know even before the cast and crew. While it is roped off and they do not come anywhere near the set,  for the fans it is the greatest, when a car drives past and they they might see Rob, Kristen or another cast member.

Glamour: Did you meet Rob & Kristen personally?

Sabrina: Yes, I sat with them two times. 
That was altogether a very calm and really pleasant situation. I respect Rob and Kristen and the job they do and am very grateful that I got to know them.

Glamour: Did you feel Rob & Kristen were arrogant?

Sabrina: It's surprising that the actors who had more minor roles in "Eclipse",
met me with such great arrogance, some did not even shake my hand or look me in the eyes. That was all very superficial. Kristen and Rob on the other hand looked at me very interested, shook my hand and listened as I spoke. I found them very enjoyable and authentic, very different than expected.

Glamour: The talk is all about a real life romance between the two, did you see something like this?

Sabrina: Well, I only saw them together once, and I think they are way too professional to kiss and cuddle on set.

Glamour: You were four days immersed in "Eclipse", what were your highlights?

Sabrina: Meeting Rob and Kristen. And to see how human and down to earth  the two really are. I would love to make things better for them, because I feel so sorry, they need to hide all the time, because at the fences hang the fans and paparazzi. They don't have a single minute for themselves. They really amaze me that they can still remain so normal when things around them can sometimes get insane. Also, I was taken seriously as an actress, I was allowed to speak with director David Slade, like any other actor, about my role. It was great.

Kristen and Taylor's Interview with ET at the NYC Eclipse Screening



Robert Pattinson's Look Inspires Range Of M&S Underpants

A teenage vampire is not the obvious choice of inspiration for a range of men's underpants. But Robert Pattinson, or R Patz as the star of The Twilight Saga is known by fans, has been named as the inspiration behind Marks and Spencer's new slim-fit underwear.

Dubbed the R-Pant, the low-rise briefs and trunks are designed to be worn under skinny jeans and trousers, a look popularised by the likes of Russell Brand and Mark Ronson, two celebrities the chain cites as design influences.

Despite widely reported criticism by Jeremy Paxman in 2008 when the Newsnight presenter claimed "their pants no longer provide adequate support", one in four UK men still wear M&S pants, according to the retailer.

The R-Pant launch is a thinly-veiled marketing strategy designed to appeal to a younger audience and to sex-up its underwear range. "Over the last three years we've seen an increase in the popularity of hipsters," says Richard Beale, head of merchandising. "The new range is designed to appeal to a younger, fashion-savvy customer."

Olie Arnold, style director of Men's Health, believes there is a market for lower-rise pants. "I hate seeing the waistbands of men's pants poking out of the top of their jeans," he said. He questioned whether M&S was the right target market. "Do M&S really even sell skinny jeans? Maybe lots of women will buy them for their husbands and boyfriends, though."

In recent years footballers have been used to market men's underwear. Cristiano Ronaldo is the current poster boy for Emporio Armani, a role he inherited from David Beckham. Pattinson's skinnier aesthetic is a move away from this trend.

Pattinson will not star in an advertising campaign for M&S.(Kate: Damn it) But a spokesman said the Twilight actor has been seen shopping for underwear at the store. The new range will go on sale in September.

Kristen's Look From 2002 - 2010

1st 'Scott Pilgrim' Clip Features Anna Kendrick

LA Premiere of 'Scott Pilgrim' on July 27th

The red carpet world premiere of “Scott Pilgrim vs the World” will take place at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, at 7pm PST on Tuesday, July 27.


WHO: writer/director/producer Edgar Wright; cast members Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin, Anna Kendrick, Alison Pill, Aubrey Plaza, Brandon Routh, Jason Schwartzman, Johnny Simmons, Mark Webber, Mae Whitman, Ellen Wong, Keita Saito and Shota Saito; producers Marc Platt, Eric Gitter and Nira Park; writer Michael Bacall; composer Nigel Godrich; and graphic novel creator Bryan Lee O’Malley

Plus many additional celebrity guests.

WHERE: Grauman’s Chinese
6925 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA

WHEN: Tuesday, July 27, 2010
6:30 PM Celebrity Arrivals
7:30 PM Screening Begins

Nikki Reed launches official website

Twilight Saga actress Nikki Reed has launched her Official website at
where you get official updates of projects and blogs about random topics from her love for photographing the sun to directing Sage's new music video (the video is set to premiere @hotelcafe on 6/26/10).