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MTV Movie Awards: Alex Meraz

Rob in Bravisimo Magazine (Venezuela, June 2010) Scans

Snooki Weighs in on Kristen And Dakota's Nominated Movie Awards Kiss

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Chaske Spencer To Play Lead in 'Winter in the Blood'

Chaske Spencer has recently signed on to play the lead role in Winter in the Blood, the first novel of Native American author James Welch. Chaske will play the character of "Virgil First Raise."

Here is the synopsis provided by the official website of the film:

Virgil First Raise wakes with a shiner and a hangover in a roadside ditch on the hardscrabble plains of Montana. As he rises to face the scorching day he sees a vision of his father lying dead at his feet. Impossible-- his father froze to death in a snowdrift years earlier. The vision fades.

Nursing an old injury, Virgil limps back to the small ranch that he runs with his mother, Teresa, and his ancient Grandmother. Teresa tells Virgil that his young wife, Agnes, has taken his rifle and electric razor and left for town. Virgil seems more concerned about the gun than the girl because, as he tells Grandmother, “it meant something once.”

Virgil is frozen too. Stuck in a numbed-out existence he is haunted by childhood memories-- some happy, some tragic-- of his beloved big brother Mose. The most painful memory is of a roundup the boys attempted just before the onslaught of winter. Adolescent high jinks, a stubborn cow and a freak accident combined to crush Virgil’s knee—- and kill Mose.

The memory of that death, coupled with ridicule from his mother’s hilarious but overbearing suitor, Lame Bull, and Teresa’s warning that there is “no longer a place for you here”, prompts Virgil to leave the ranch on a quest to retrieve his runaway bride and stolen possessions.

Virgil’s search for Agnes in the cowboy-and-Indian towns of Montana’s “Hi-line” leads him to the Airplane Man, an eccentric outsider who recruits him for a murky smuggling operation. Virgil’s payment is a car that runs and a boozy bedroom skirmish with Malvina, a beguiling barmaid. As Virgil and Airplane Man embark on this ill-conceived scheme two mysterious men in suits-- Feds? Corporate goons?—- shadow them.

Chaske Spencer Mentions His Other Projects at Collectormania Fan Event

 at 4:15

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Taylor Starts Fight Training For 'Abduction'

Taylor Lautner has begun getting fit for his upcoming role in the thriller Abduction which will begin filming in Pittsburgh, PA this summer.

Jackson Rathbone in 'Airbender' Calendar

Jackson Rathbone as "Sokka" in The Last Airbender 2011 calendar.

New 'The Last Airbender' TV Spot

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Ashley about Breaking Dawn and Bill Condon

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Jodelle @Leo Awards

Jodelle Ferland @ "Leo Awards" in Vancouver..

Ashley: Jack Magazin Scans

more @ my Source

Chaske Spencer talks about Rob

at 2:11

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MTV Awards: Countdown to New Eclipse Clip

Jackson talks to MTV

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Early Eclipse Screening in LA Next Week!

TwiCracker fave, Everglow is one of the fansites bringing a special Eclipse advance screening to Los Angeles fans on Monday, June 14th!
Our Los Angeles-based readers have the chance to attend a SPECIAL ADVANCE screening of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE on the evening of Monday, June 14! Just email with your full name and location information, and we will respond with the screening details as soon as we have them finalized!

Michael Sheen Captains for Soccar Aid

Raising funds and awareness for UNICEF, this year's Soccar Aid has Michael captain of the "Rest of the World" team (technically he's Welsh not English) with Robbie Williams as captain of the England team.

Taking place today at London's Old Trafford stadium, you can watch on ITV now - the celebrity and footballer legend line up is:

England -

Robbie Williams
Jonathan Wilkes
Olly Murs
Jamie Theakston
Ralf Little
David Seaman
Ben Shephard
Terry Sherringham
Bradley Walsh
Ricky Hatton
Dominic Cooper
Jamie Redknapp

Rest of the world -

Shane Filah
Nicky Byrne
Simon Baker
Michael Sheen
Patrick Kielty
Kenny Dalglish
James Kyson-Lee
Joe Calzaghe
Woody Harrelson

Live Stream the MTV Movie Awards Tonight

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5pm PST / 8pm EST/ 1am GMT

Jamie Campbell Bower: new pictures

Russia & Ukraine: Eclipse Poster

Jonathan Ross (@Wossy) is Team Edward

When I saw the video of Chaske Spencer saying he was a fan of Kick-Ass my first thought was to tell Jonathan Ross, as Kick-Ass' screenplay was written by his wife Jane Goldman. So I sent JR a direct message via twitter and this was his reponse...

Who Will Be The First MTV Movie Awards' Global Superstar?

MTV Stardom comes in many different shapes and sizes, and the 2010 MTV Movie Awards pay tribute to all of them. There's Breakthrough success, the acclaim that comes from a star-making turn or performance in a film. There's Badass success — which certainly should speak for itself. And then there's the Global Superstar, that actor or performer whose success has transcended geographic borders, age groups and gender to become recognized all over the globe -- not only for their roles, but for themselves. Here's a look at this year's contenders:

Kristen Stewart
After a couple of uncredited and low-key roles in films like "The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas," Kristen Stewart broke into the public consciousness as the daughter of Jodie Foster in David Fincher's terrific 2002 containment thriller "Panic Room." Flash to six years later, she creates her own panic rooms wherever she goes thanks to her unforgettable turn as Bella, the iconic wallflower-turned-vampire lover in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight book series. In the meantime, however, she's done an amazing job showing that she's more than the devoted girlfriend of a handsome bloodsucker, playing in acclaimed films like "The Runaways," "Into the Wild" and "Adventureland" as she proves that her recognition and success is well-deserved.

Robert Pattinson
Even if he hadn't stepped into the shoes of Edward Cullen, the dreamy, translucent crush object for millions of teenage girls (and their moms) from the "Twilight" book and film series, Robert Pattinson would still be a star thanks to his turn as Cedric Diggory in two of the "Harry Potter" films. But about a second after he offered his first in a series of longing stares at Kristen Stewart's Bella in the first "Twilight" film, he became an international icon, and hasn't slowed down since that film was released in 2008. Additionally, he immersed himself in several non-"Twilight" roles in films like those in "Little Ashes" and "Remember Me," proving not only that he can open a movie on the strength of his fandom, but take a bite out of a variety of characters, whether or not they're vampires.

Taylor Lautner
Prior to 2008, Taylor Lautner was probably best known as the Sharkboy in Robert Rodriguez's family-friendly adventure "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl." But '08's "Twilight" brought him an entirely new kind of recognition — a recognition that he knew well enough to protect when time came to reprise the role in "New Moon." Bulking up to proper hunk size, including a formidable set of abs, Lautner made himself more than a match for the looks and charm of Robert Pattinson's competitor for Bella's attention, Edward Cullen, and exploded across the globe as a star in his own right. Although he's just starting to capitalize on that success by appearing in other blockbusters like "Valentine's Day," Lautner is the kind of movie star whose visibility more than makes up for his longevity.

Rob and Kristen's Best Kiss Acceptance Speech 2009 One of the Best MTV Movie Award Moments MTV Movie Award Moments
With the MTV Movie Awards kicking off this Sunday, take a look back at our most memorable moments ever

Rob and Kristen's Best Kiss Acceptance Speech
The cheeky pair caused an almighty stir at the awards in 2009 when they collected their prize for Best Kiss. Robert and Kristen faced tough competition, beating off the likes of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens and Freida Pinto and Dev Patel to clinch the award. But a standard acceptance speech wasn’t enough for these two. Oh no. The teasing Twilight twosome came an inch away from recreating their steamy winning smooch on stage – much to the delight of an ecstatic audience – only for Kristen to pull away at the last moment and declare into the mic ‘Thank you so much!’ Phew!

Thanks to  robwardandkrisella for the MMA pic montage.