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David Slade talks about Tent Scene ReShoot

Welcome to the Riley's Screening at LAFF

Here's a movie reivew from @Larry411:

At first glance Ken Hixon's screenplay says Pretty Woman meets My Fair Lady, with businessman Doug Riley (James Gandolfini) on a mission to tame wild stripper Mallory (Kristen Stewart). The story takes us in a more unexpected direction, however, and its originality begins to emerge. Welcome to the Rileys isn't about redemption per se, but the way that we are inexplicably changed by the strangers who serendipitously enter our lives.

The Rileys are Doug (James Gandolfini) and Lois (Melissa Leo), and it's apparent from the start that their marriage has seen better days. While barely hinting at the tragedy which has slowly pushed them apart, Doug spends more and more time away from home while Lois stays locked inside. On a routine trip to a convention in New Orleans, a visit to a strip club places a young runaway (Kristen Stewart) into Doug's lap. What happens next is not as predictable as it seems, and a fuse is lit which burns ever so slowly as the lives of these three lost souls are altered in the most unpredictable ways.

New Interview of Rob, Kristen and Taylor with Startalk Philippines



Written article from Philippine Star

BEVERLY HILLS — The reminder stayed the same as it was late last year when Conversations sat down for one-on-ones with Robert Pattinson (the vampire), Kristen Stewart (the human) and Taylor Lautner (the werewolf) for the New Moon, the second in the series of the best-selling four-part novels by Stephenie Meyer.

That is: No personal questions, please. Stick to the movie. (Together, Robert and Kristen are known simply as Robsten.)

So two weeks ago when I again did one-on-ones with the three stars (along with a dozen of their co-stars...more on them soon!) for Eclipse, the second to the finale installment (before Breaking Dawn) of what is now more popularly known as the The Twilight Saga also in the same venue, the Four Seasons, I was extra-careful not to ask Pattinson (a.k.a. RPattz), 24, and Stewart (a.k.a. KStew), 20, if their romance is as real as it is in the reel. Taylor, 17, was more “game.” With a winsome, “werewolfish” smile, he allowed a little glimpse into his “personal” life such as how he got the beautiful body that has landed him on the cover of several magazines.

In Eclipse, megged by a new director (David Slade, 30 Days of Night, Hard Candy), Bella Swan (Stewart) once again finds herself surrounded by danger as Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge. In the midst of it all, Bella is forced to choose between her love for Edward Cullen (Pattinson) and her friendship with Jacob Black (Taylor), knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her high-school graduation quickly approaching, Bella is confronted with the most important decision of her life.

Of course, Twi-fans know from the book how Eclipse ends but they’ll be surprised how it’s done in the movie. I won’t tell you how. Find out for yourselves when Eclipse, again produced by Summit Entertainment and released locally by Pioneer Films, opens nationwide on Wednesday, June 30, coinciding with the swearing-in of Noynoy “P-Noy” Aquino as the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines.

The Twilight Saga has so far grossed over $1.1 billion worldwide. It stands to rake in much more as it sinks its teeth even deeper into the tills around the world.

After Twilight, New Moon and now Eclipse, does your character feel like second skin to you?

Robert: Sometimes. But I mean, most of the time every movie is something new — with a new crew, new director. And also, I look kind of slightly different in each one. To me, it’s just like doing a new movie every single time.

Kristen: Hmmmm, yeah, it does, But it’s really easy to switch back to another character because I play different parts in movies in-between the Twilight Saga. I never had any experience doing a sequel for such a long period of time, and after doing another character in another movie it’s always very exciting to get back to the Bella Swan character.

Taylor: Hmmmm, yeah, a little bit. After living this character for over two years now, Jacob Black does feel like second skin to me.

(To Kristen) So it’s a relief for you doing other characters in-between playing Bella Swan.

Kristen: I wouldn’t call it a relief. It’s cool, I mean, it’s fun. I’m really lucky to be given a chance to do other characters because I love all of them. (Note: At 11, Kristen played Jodie Foster’s daughter in Panic Room.)

You’ve practically grown up with your character. Isn’t it hard to shake off the character once you get home from a shoot?

Robert: In the first movie, I felt like an outsider finding his way around in a new world. As I started getting older, I found it easier to relate to the character and I think the series reflects that, so in this one Edward becomes more normal, he becomes more human. Isn’t it hard to shake off the character after the shoot? Well, no. It’s such a relief to take the contact lenses out and say, “Whew! It’s done! I’m no longer a vampire!”

Kristen: Hmmmm, yeah. It’s hard to just shake it off sometimes but it does help if once you’re home you watch a movie to get your character out of your mind.

Taylor: Hmmmm, no. I mean, we just really have our Twilight mood when we are on the set, when we are with each other. But just as easily we can get out of our characters.

(To Robert) What about turning off the emotional aspect of the character once you get home?

Robert: It depends. There are some scenes where you find it hard to dissociate yourself emotionally from the character. Sometimes, it’s so hard because when you’re playing a fantasy character there’s just nothing you can relate to as a human and you’re just guessing. And when you’re guessing, it doesn’t feel right so when you go home the feeling stays longer with you. By the way, yes, it can be bothersome performing with all that makeup, not to mention the lenses.

Ten years from now when you look back, what do you think you will remember most about your character?

Robert: I have no idea. I think so many things are going to happen in Breaking Dawn that will change the way I look at Edward Cullen and my opinion about him. Let’s see what will happen.

Kristen: Hmmmm, I don’t know. Maybe that she’s really the best vampire of them all. She’s the youngest character in the story and she’s on top of that world that she’s not even close to.

Taylor: Ahhhhh, I don’t know exactly, but probably his being a werewolf. There are many things to remember, most especially the overall experience and how much fun I had with the cast and how closer friends we have become. There will be a lot to remember.

What traits of your character do you identify with?

Robert: Very few, if any. In Eclipse, Edward has a different mindset. He’s jealous and petty to other people. With Bella, he’s possessive. He has 17-year-old-guy emotions, like being jealous of other guys who fancy his girlfriend, and I’m not like that at all.

Kristen: I really appreciate that she remains herself and is young and, you know, is kind of full of life. She’s young but she’s able to deal with all her problems.

Taylor: Hmmmm, probably his being persistent. You see, he’s a very persistent fellow who doesn’t easily give up. I think I have a little bit of that. I grew up being positive that nothing can’t be achieved with hard work. I think that’s the case with Jacob as well.

(To Taylor) It’s possible that you might be typecast as your Twilight character forever. How do you feel about it?

Taylor: Hmmmm...I feel that it’s fine. Jacob Black is a great character so I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to play him.

(To Taylor) After the fourth installment, Breaking Dawn (which, according to reports, might be broken down into two movies), what kind of character do you want to play? Do you have a so-called dream role?

Taylor: I think your dream role is what you’re filming at the moment. That’s what I’m passionate about. So right now, it’s my role in a film called Abduction. So that’s my dream role at the moment. And then I’ll do Breaking Dawn and after that, a movie called Stretch Armstrong.

(To Taylor) You worked out a lot for the Jacob Black character and you now have a body-to-die-for. How do you maintain it?

Taylor: Yes, definitely! What I’ve learned is that it’s just as hard to maintain as to put on in the first place. It’s hard because we’re traveling a lot; we’re really busy and I hardly have time to go to the gym, and I keep on eating as well.

(To Taylor) What sort of diet do you follow?

Taylor: Hmmmm...High-protein diet and carbs, and less sugar, definitely! But I eat small meals every two hours, constantly.

(To Taylor) And what sort of workout do you do?

Taylor: More of weight-lifting and less of cardio workout.

Did you think that the Twilight Saga would be a huge hit?

Robert: No, not at all. What happened is just completely impossible for me to understand still.

Kristen: No, I didn’t expect it at all. It was a shock to me when it became a phenomenal hit. You don’t expect that kind of thing, do you?

Taylor: Everything was totally unexpected. What happened is just mind-blowing, unbelievable!

(To Robert) How do you deal with the tremendous success of the Twilight Saga all over the world?

Robert: I mean, once you have done a movie, that’s your job done so you just kind of relax and see what happens. But it’s nice to be in a series because you can keep people waiting for the next one. It’s nice to hear people speak well about the previous ones and look forward to the new one.

To what would you attribute the huge appeal of the Twilight Saga?

Robert: Vampire stories have always fascinated people of all ages since time immemorial. The Twilight Saga is not an exception.

Kristen: Ahhhh, I mean, I’m fond of the books. I guess it’s not really something of a message or anything, it’s just that the story is very universal, very basic and very simple. It’s about first love and I’m sure people can relate to that.

Taylor: I think it’s the way Stephenie Meyer wrote the books. She created characters in a story that everybody and anybody can relate to. Plus, the directors have done a very good job in bringing those characters to life on film.

(To Taylor) Aside from Jacob Black, do you have any favorite character in theTwilight Saga?

Taylor: Ahhhh...It’s hard to choose. There are so many great characters. I like Edward Cullen; he’s an awesome character. I think Alice Cullen (played by Ashley Greene) is pretty cool as well.

(To Taylor) What’s the best lesson that you have learned so far after doing Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse?

Taylor: Just to stay true to yourself and not let everything that’s happening around you change you. And I think that it helps that we’re going through it all together.

(To Taylor) You’ve been so busy with theTwilight Saga these past three years, how do you enjoy your time away from work?

Taylor: I enjoy myself a lot! It’s like living two lives. I have this work life and then I have my old life which allows me to spend time with the same people I did before.

Fan Pictures of Rob from the Eclipse Premiere (LA)


Stephenie Meyer Black Carpet Video


Pictures:Rob from the Eclipse After Party

Videos of Robert Pattinson on the Eclipse Premiere Black Carpet




A 'Twilight Night' to Remember - special appearances by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner

'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' doesn't hit theaters until next Wednesday, but tomorrow, Twi-hards across the country will have the chance to celebrate early with Moviefone's star-studded 'Twilight Night' event.

In 12 cities across the country, fans can view one or both of the previous 'Twilight' movies -- and Moviefone is literally rolling out the red carpet. Not only will there be stars from the movies there in person to shake your hand, we'll have "Twilight Night' photo booths where you can take souvenir photos, as if you're a part of 'Twilight' yourself. Check here for a list of the cities participating near you, the talent in attendance, and the movies shown at each.

Can't make it to the event in person? Never fear: The event will stream live online, beginning at 10PM ET/7PM PT on Moviefone. Click here for more info and locations to see if 'Twilight Night' is headed to your area.

Our 'Twilight Night' coverage kicks off with drop-ins from 'Twilight' co-stars Peter Facinelli, Edi Gathegi, Jackson Rathbone and Bronson Pelletier ... and that's just the beginning! Viewers will also be treated to special appearances from stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, trivia contests, interactive fan interviews, clips from 'Eclipse,' a chat with director David Slade, an exclusive behind- the -scenes look at the making of 'Eclipse' and more.

Black Carpet Videos from Twilightish & Team Twilight

Videos from the Black Carpet with Twilightish and Team-Twilight

Alex Meraz:


Daniel Cudmore:


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Ruby Jerinss:


Stephenie Meyer:


Jodelle Ferland:


Black Carpet Styles: where their style came from

Robert Pattinson's Gucci Fall 2010 Menswear Maroon Silk Cotton Heritage Suit

Kristen Stewart's Elie Saab Fall 2009 Dress

Black Carpet: Kellan shows his Calvin's

Picture: Kristen's ring


Kristen's Interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer

Kristen Stewart 'On The Two Boys'
Philippine Daily Inquirer by Ruben V. Nepales

LOS ANGELES.  MAYBE KRISTEN Stewart is finally getting used to media attention. In our recent talk, the “Twilight” series star was still shy but she seemed more at ease fielding questions.

Kristen gave answers that were well thought-out, sometimes correcting herself in mid-sentence. She was still often serious, but that’s her nature.

And she looked her best in this latest encounter, wearing a beautiful, sexy mini dress and high heels.

The actress sounded very excited about being cast in “On the Road,” Brazilian director Walter Salles’ film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s 1957 seminal book about the Beat Generation that was listed by Time magazine as one of the 100 Best English novels from 1923 to 2005.

Kristen plays Marylou, wife of Dean Moriarty (played by Garrett Hedlund), the catalyst for most of the developments in Kerouac’s largely autobiographical tale about the era’s jazz music, beat poetry and dalliances with alcohol and drugs. She is excited to work with Salles, whose credits include “The Motorcycle Diaries” and “Central Station.”

She was also upbeat about the choice of Bill Condon (“Dreamgirls,” “Gods and Monsters”) to direct “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn,” the fourth and final book in Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling series (which will be split into parts 1 and 2) and of her character, Bella Swan, maturing in the story.

Of course, she spoke about “the boys,” Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, and about kissing the latter for the first time in “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” third installment in the franchise. The following are excerpts from our interview:

Tell us about the movie that you’re about to do.
Kristen: It’s “On the Road,” based on the Jack Kerouac novel that was my first favorite book in eighth grade. It’s insane [realizing] that I’m playing Dean Moriarty’s wife. She’s an iconic character and so is he.

How do you relate to the Beat Generation’s carefree, nonconforming lifestyle?
Kristen: That has nothing to do with rebellion, really. The people who lived that lifestyle were typically men. It was easier and much more acceptable for them to do that. My character is really different and weird for wanting to live the way she’s living. But just on a really basic level, the story breathes jazz … No story ever felt as free to me. It is also cool to read about it because it takes place at a time when mass conformity was the only option. To have such a courageous book about that period is cool and interesting, and so far away from anything I have to deal with. It’s so exciting.

Her answers to some Eclipse questions are kinda spoilerish! Watch out!

Can you talk about Walter Salles?
Kristen:  Walter hired me based on a meeting that we had. We sat down and had lunch a long time ago. It was right after I did “Twilight.” It took a long time for them to get “On the Road” up and running. I’ve spoken to Walter again recently. He’s very excited about everyone’s faith in the project. He’s one of the greatest indie film directors. For an actor, this role is so coveted. It’s funny when he called me up. He was like, “Thank you so much. I appreciate your faith in and commitment to this project.” I was like, “Are you kidding me? I’m like vibrating—I’m so excited.” I can’t stop telling people about the project.

How has your relationship with Robert changed over the course of making these movies?
Kristen:  Considering that I’ve made all these movies with Rob, he’s become a good friend of mine. I care immensely about Taylor and Rob because we are in a very similar situation. We have really grown close. We can be honest. We’re not worried about offending each other …

How do the three of you make light of your situation, that you’re always being hounded by the paparazzi?
It’s really funny when they fall down all over each other because they’re running backwards to try to get your picture. So whenever you see me looking really happy in a paparazzi shot, it’s probably because I’m laughing at them. The boys get a kick out of that because it’s just funny. But we really don’t dwell on that because it gives more people to talk about and that defeats the entire reason for avoiding them.

Is it easier, though, when the three of you are together?
Kristen:  It’s nice because you feel untouchable, unlike when you’re by yourself
—“Oh my God, my bones are being whipped clean right now” (laughing). But when I’m with the guys, it’s easier. It’s nice to have two people who are in the exact same situation. You can say to other people, “Oh, I’m really nervous about this. It’s going to be a big deal.” But the boys are like, free. They go, “That’s exciting, though. Aren’t you excited? You’ll be great.” The boys are like good luck. They know exactly what you’re going through. It’s nice to have them.

What are your thoughts on marriage?
Kristen: I just don’t think about it. I guess I’m totally different because there are some girls who grow up planning their weddings and who can’t wait to get married. I just don’t have that. I have a really great family. I want my own family, too, but I don’t know who I’m going to marry.

What was the toughest scene to shoot in “Eclipse”?
Kristen:  The most difficult scene happens on a mountaintop right before the battle is about to break. Bella kisses Jake and I was really weirded out by that because, in order to play it, you need to justify it. The way I’ve been playing Bella, there just isn’t a justifiable reason for her to do that. It was scary to play because I didn’t know how it was going to fade naturally into a kiss. I just never understood that, like I just couldn’t wrap my head around betraying Edward. That was what was so cool about the scene—that whole story really surprised me. She tries it and she’s just wrong. It’s absolutely desirable and it’s a good path. He’s definitely good for her and it has taken this long and it took that kiss to make her see that.

Then five minutes later, she has to go and talk to Edward about it because he has literally heard and seen everything. It is really an adult, very scary, not so nice thing to deal with because it’s not as perfect as she had thought. She really has feelings for more than one person. It takes the fantasy away from how great her love for Edward is and that’s just life. It’s a sad moment but it is what it is.

What was the fun part?
Kristen:  I didn’t get to do any stunts. I was always jealous of all the action that everybody got to do. It was fun doing the tent scene between the shirtless behemoth (Jake) and you know, the thoughtful white person (Edward). I wasn’t supposed to know what they were talking about but I was supposed to let it filter in a little bit. I was just saying like, if I heard any bit of this conversation, I’d be like, bing, awake—“What are you talking about?” So it was fun to hear them level with each other.

What are you looking forward to about filming “Breaking Dawn”? Do you feel that you have the maturity?
Kristen: We are going to start that in November. Bella becomes a wife and a mother. If “Breaking Dawn” was its own movie, it would be much more difficult to play such a young wife and mother. But because I have been with Bella since she was 17, it has been a progression. What’s cool to me about the series is, it takes her a long time to get to that point and she loses a lot. Then she gets it back. She makes decisions that require you to really know and trust yourself. She achieves that. She’s very straight up and honest about everything.

I’m also excited because, luckily, I know the guys so well. We’ve all taken the journey. It will be odd because I’m so young but I feel like Bella was written so completely. She’s such a young matriarch. She’s so clearly grown into that position. All of the hints are there. I feel like it’s going to be cool once she actually gets pregnant and is going to have a kid. That’s the thing that makes her click into, “Now, I am an adult.” When people get married, they aren’t necessarily completely changed. But having a kid is definitely going to change Bella. All of that is going to be really interesting and crazy to play.

What do you think of Bill Condon directing these next two movies?
Kristen:  I just met Bill. I have a really good feeling about him. He’s a really fantastic writer and he’s made great films. The way he talks about “Breaking Dawn” is very inspiring and contagious. I’m excited. I can’t wait to start.

Bill was talking about bringing the series back into the first person narrative, like “New Moon” and less “Eclipse.” More “Twilight.” The books are Bella’s story. We get to explore the story instead of just tell it as quickly as we can. There’s going to be so much more nuance. I am so glad that it’s two movies now because we’re not going to lose as many details as we have in the past. Bill is going to be really on top of the whole thing which is awesome. He really loves the characters and the story.

There’s a lot of talk—or wishing—that you will play the title role in the American movie adaptation of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.”
Kristen:  I haven’t read the book yet but everybody’s telling me that I should read it. I think I’m working during the time they’re making the film. I’m going to be working for the next six months. I have “On the Road” and then “Breaking Dawn 1 and 2.” So unless they push … but they haven’t approached me.

Is it true that you’re going to be in a play?
Kristen:  I would love to, but it’s not true. I never had any experience with that. I have other things that I want to do like make my own movies. I’d love to write and do other things, charity-wise.

But right now, I want to focus completely on being an actor. When I was younger, I was always saying, “I’ll do other stuff. I’ll go to college. I’ll do this. I’ll do that.” But no, I’m an actor. That’s what I love to do.

Telegraph (UK)’s Interview With The Eclipse Cast

The first two films of Stephenie Meyer’s ‘Twilight’ vampire saga set cash tills ringing and girls’ hearts fluttering across the globe. With a new, darker, racier instalment about to open, Will Lawrence talks to Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the rest of the cast.

Across the globe, armies of teenage girls – and more than a few of their middle-aged mothers – are gearing up for the movie event of the summer. Eclipse, the third film adaptation of author Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga, is not released for another fortnight yet, thanks to the franchise’s countless, indefatigable fans – the self-styled Twilighters and Twihards – the film has already racked up impressive advance ticket sales and its success is pretty much guaranteed.

Before it was transmuted into box office gold, Meyer’s tale, which recounts the romantic travails of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), a teenage girl who moves to a Pacific Northwest town populated by vampires and werewolves, captured the imagination of a generation of young female readers. They, like Bella, have given their hearts to a benign bloodsucker called Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson, or RPattz to his fans), a beautiful and surprisingly honourable hero.

Last year, Meyer’s series of four Twilight books sold copies to the value of more than £29 million in Britain alone, accounting for one tenth of the entire children’s market according to analysts Nielsen, while the first two chapters in the movie franchise, Twilight (2008) and New Moon (2009), have together taken more than £750 million at the international box office. Add in DVD and merchandising sales and that figure will more than double.

“I think the success of the Twilight movies, not just the books, comes down to Stephenie Meyer,” says Bryce Dallas Howard, who joins the cast of Eclipse as the vengeful vampire Victoria (replacing Rachel Lefevre, who played the character in the first film). The 29-year-old actress, daughter of Oscar-winning director Ron Howard, fell for the novels before being approached for the movie because she thought Meyer’s account of Bella’s romantic struggles felt authentic, even though the object of her affections is a vampire.

“You really see the world through Bella’s eyes,” says Howard, who initially turned down the role of Victoria in the first Twilight movie, because she felt the part was too small, “and you fall in love with Edward, and then get your heart broken, and fall in love with Jacob [Black, a werewolf played by Taylor Lautner], and then you’re in danger.

“It’s like you’re feeling these things yourself, and the way that she expresses Bella’s emotions just feels so honest and true. Stephenie Meyer has taken us on an extraordinary ride, and I think that they’ve captured that in the movies. The film-makers listen to what the fans are saying, and it’s a rare instance where you’re making a film for an audience that you know really well.”

Howard’s character drives the narrative in Eclipse; Edward killed Victoria’s soulmate at the end of the first film and now she’s out for revenge, planning to slay Bella in a bid to make Edward suffer. In their efforts to protect Bella, the vampire clan must forge a fragile alliance with a werewolf clan – the two are old enemies – forcing Edward to work alongside the hunky Jacob, a rival for Bella’s affections.

“This film is definitely a bit darker than the others,” says 20-year-old star, Kristen Stewart.

“Bella’s conflicts intensify – she must choose between Edward and Jacob – and the climax of the movie is more violent than anything we have dealt with before. Also, it feels as though the characters can handle a little bit more of a mature storyline, because they are older,” she says.

Ageing with their target readership, the characters in Eclipse do get a little frisky. Whereas, previously, sex had remained a subject for future discussion, here it bubbles to the fore, with Bella keen to give herself to Edward in every conceivable way. Even loyal Jacob gets a bit beyond himself, and steals a kiss from Bella. Victoria’s vampire army, meanwhile, prove merciless, destroying whatever gets in their way. These are dark times in Bella’s world.

As with the Harry Potter franchise, the Twilight producers have opted to vary their directors, and Eclipse boasts their most exciting choice yet. Forty-year-old English director David Slade has a short but impressive CV, featuring the critical hits Hard Candy, a taut, low-budget drama, and the vampire-infested graphic novel adaptation 30 Days of Night. In Eclipse he brings an urgency and sense of irony to proceedings, which counterbalance the Twilight series’ inherent melodrama.

The latest chapter in the film saga also features the sharpest script, with regular screenplay writer Melissa Rosenberg, who also writes and produces hit serial killer television series Dexter, feeding in a number of wry lines, one of which acknowledges the proliferation of naked male torsos on the screen. “They’re good lines,” Slade says, “and the thing I had to be delicate with was how to get those lines across without being overly cheesy or too knowing. We didn’t want to wink at the audience.”

Slade coaxes the best performances yet from the Twilight cast, who are growing into their roles. The principal cast-members also seem to benefit from their director’s decision not to show them any of their takes on the monitors during the shoot.

“By doing it that way I think that young actors become more confident,” Slade explains, “because they can’t worry about what they look like. They’ll just stay in the scene.” Billy Burke, who plays Bella’s father and has many of the more amusing moments, was allowed to improvise, but the other, younger actors stayed tightly on script.

Of the three principle players, Stewart is the most accomplished actor, having worked for 13 of her 20 years. The two male stars, though, Pattinson and Lautner, also show signs that they are beginning to discover their chops. “With Eclipse, everything’s bigger,” says the 24-year-old, rather bashful English heart-throb Pattinson. “The budget is bigger and everyone’s more famous, so this was a very different experience.

“David Slade was saying in the week before we started shooting that he wanted this to feel different from the last two films, so trying to figure that out was a little bit different as well. But we are pretty comfortable with the characters now.”

The cast has a few more months to tie up other projects before work begins on the final chapter, Breaking Dawn, which, as with the final instalment in the Harry Potter franchise, will be released as two separate movies. It will also prove the most epic chapter and will build towards Edward and Bella’s betrothal. Bill Condon (Dreamgirls) will direct, and shooting is scheduled to last six months. The box office figures will, once again, be enormous.

“I think that the Twilight series continues to be so popular because the story is about more than being in love,” concludes Nikki Reed, who plays Rosalie Hale, a vampire Meyer’s book identifies as “the most beautiful” of her kind. Reed’s character enjoys a grim and grisly back-story in the new movie.

“I think the whole series is infused with this idealistic love,” Reed says, “and while I guess that does exist, it only really exists when you are Bella’s age, when you first meet a person who you think that you actually would be ready to die for, and give up everything for. Now, at 22, I know that is not going to happen, but we all kind of crave that,” she says.

“We want to step into that world of carelessness, of just not thinking, of just being naive. That’s why these stories appeal to so many women, as well as girls.

Kristen at the WTTR Red Carpet & Q&A

Rob on 'Grazia' Magazine (Russia)

About Eclipse:
I don’t think these movies just for girls. There are many stunts and fights in Eclipse. Guys like them, don’t they? People think that romantic movies just for girls but I have another opinion. Everyone who has ever fallen in love can find something for themselves. Our movie seems very realistic to me…I think Eclipse will be very interesting to everyone.

About Kristen:
What I especially like about her is that she’s like me, not dizzy from fans and press attention. She stays true to herself and very smart for her age. With each movie she matured. During filming ‘Eclipse’ I realized that she matured a lot and become a real woman. And, of course, it’s a lot easier to work with person I worked before. We understand each other without the words. I can tell Kristen about all my problems. But honestly I don’t have to… because she’s in same position as I am. Kristen really cares about me and I’m very grateful for this. She’s the most honest and genuine person I’ve I ever met. Unfortunately in Hollywood these qualities not very popular..Everyone thinks about their own benefits so it’s very cool that you can meet here people like Kristen. She always listens, gives good advice regardless with her own interests.

About everlasting love:
This idea seems at least strange to me. It’s so boring to spend your whole life with the same person…(Laughs)

About parties:
I’m not anything like my brooding character. In London I have no problem to go to pab with my friends. It’s a bit different in LA. It’s hard to convince someone to go to the bar on weekdays there.


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Rob's real-life vampire connection

Royalty and vampires may sound like characters from the Twilight Saga – but they're actually what you find once you bite into Robert Pattinson's past., the world's largest online family history resource, says Pattinson – America's favorite vampire who stars as Edward Cullen in the hit Twilight Saga movie series – is related to Vlad III Dracula, the basis for the famous literary villain. The company says Pattinson and Vlad are likely related through the British royal family.

Born in Transylvania, Vlad, also known as Vlad the Impaler, was a three-time ruler of Wallachia (now a region of Romania) who ruled primarily from 1456 to 1462. Vlad's nickname "the Impaler" stems from his cruel and inhumane punishments of enemies. He is commonly thought to be the inspiration for Count Dracula in Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula.

"Tracing Pattinson's family back to Vlad was difficult research, but the pieces that unraveled created the perfect accompaniment to the Twilight Saga," said Anastasia Tyler, a genealogist at "Without any myth or magic, we find royalty and vampires lurking in Pattinson's life – making his story just as supernatural as the one he's playing on screen."

Family history experts at discovered that Pattinson's and Dracula's family trees connect through none other than the British royal line: Pattinson is distant cousins with Prince William and Prince Harry on their father's side, likely through the Pickering family who lived in Yorkshire, England, in the early 1500s. Vlad the Impaler is a distant uncle of Prince William and Prince Harry.

But Pattinson isn't the only Twilight personality with real-life vampire connections. found that Twilight Saga author Stephenie Meyer is also a distant cousin to the British princes – linking Meyer to famed Dracula as well. previously revealed other "blood curdling" connections to Dracula through the royals including former president George W. Bush and U.S. Senator John Kerry.

So there.
So Rob's a real vamp. 
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