Friday, July 23, 2010

Sabrina Frank (German Mission Hollywood Winner) talks about meeting Kristen & Rob

Sabrina Frank was cast as Vera in 'Eclipse', Rosalie's friend in her back story. Her part was eventually cut from the film. In an interview with Glamour (Germany) she talked about Rob & Kristen.
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Glamour: Did you notice the Hype around that Robert & Kristen?

Sabrina: Yes, very much so!! It really is unbelievable that the fans would  find all the locations. On my first day of shooting, we were driven into the middle of the woods, I would have never found this way, and when we got there, there were already dozens of fans waiting. I was completely shocked, but my driver said, the fans sometimes know even before the cast and crew. While it is roped off and they do not come anywhere near the set,  for the fans it is the greatest, when a car drives past and they they might see Rob, Kristen or another cast member.

Glamour: Did you meet Rob & Kristen personally?

Sabrina: Yes, I sat with them two times. 
That was altogether a very calm and really pleasant situation. I respect Rob and Kristen and the job they do and am very grateful that I got to know them.

Glamour: Did you feel Rob & Kristen were arrogant?

Sabrina: It's surprising that the actors who had more minor roles in "Eclipse",
met me with such great arrogance, some did not even shake my hand or look me in the eyes. That was all very superficial. Kristen and Rob on the other hand looked at me very interested, shook my hand and listened as I spoke. I found them very enjoyable and authentic, very different than expected.

Glamour: The talk is all about a real life romance between the two, did you see something like this?

Sabrina: Well, I only saw them together once, and I think they are way too professional to kiss and cuddle on set.

Glamour: You were four days immersed in "Eclipse", what were your highlights?

Sabrina: Meeting Rob and Kristen. And to see how human and down to earth  the two really are. I would love to make things better for them, because I feel so sorry, they need to hide all the time, because at the fences hang the fans and paparazzi. They don't have a single minute for themselves. They really amaze me that they can still remain so normal when things around them can sometimes get insane. Also, I was taken seriously as an actress, I was allowed to speak with director David Slade, like any other actor, about my role. It was great.

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