Friday, July 9, 2010

Pictures of Sara Gruen on set, Jacob and August filming final scenes

This has been an exciting week on the Water for Elephants set in Piru,Ventura County, CA. The director aka Hibbits tweeted that he was about to film the stampede scene from the book several days back, and some great pictures have been coming in today from Wednesdays filming and here are some of the best.

First and foremost they have had a very special visitor at the Benzini Brothers Circus, Sara Gruen the creator of this lovely story took time to meet Tai aka Rosie and get to know her.

Robert Pattinson playing the part of Jacob Jankowski was filmed running with Queenie in his arms. Jacob and August are back on top of the train, probably filming a night scene by the look of the lamp in Jacob’s hand and the green background.

According to the tweet from @Thom_Thumb_ this is the final day at this location, I wonder where the parade will be filmed? Now that should be awesome to watch. Twittered @Thom_Thumb_: Last day at this set location.. What an amazing experience.. I'm gonna miss it. Looking forward to the parade.

They still have a few final scenes to film before the wrap mainly Jacob at Cornell University and old people’s residence, but by the 20th of this month most filming should be finished except for some reshoots of scenes that may need to be repeated.

It really looks as if the cast and crew have had a great time filming Water for Elephants, who wouldn’t.

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