Saturday, July 24, 2010

Robert Kestler says Rob will be an Oscar winner

Robert Kestler: Benzini Bros. Circus Core Roustabout 

Thank you for asking about my experience on this project. I hope everyone will enjoy this film.

From day one on this project Francis Lawrence showed a total genius for film making. His use of the surroundings, sunlight, imagination, and a keen eye made for true movie magic. We shot several scenes at dawn and dusk. The “golden hour” was truly used to it’s fullest by Francis. The cast, namely Robert, Reese and Christoph were truly amazing. Each one truly genuine and kind. Working with two Oscar winners and a future Oscar winner was amazing. Robert Pattinson will show the world with this movie his versatility and depth as an actor. The fight scenes between Robert and Christoph were true genius. Both on the part of the actors and the fact they did the fights themselves.

 Reese is a wonderful and genuine person. I was privileged to speak with her on set. You will not find a more skilled and polished actress anywhere. Christoph is a true professional. His focus on his character and making it real is second to none. As one of the Core Benzini Roustabouts I was on set quite a bit. We “rousties” actually became like family. We got into character very quickly because of it. The scenes where we raised the circus tent, and hammered tent stakes were made perfect by this relationship. We knew we could count on each other and that made the scene chemistry flow. Now about the animals. Francis and the animal wranglers made pure gold. Rosie, the elephant, was magic to watch. She is so intelligent and gentle. She took her cues coupled with Francis’ vision and made this movie HUGE. The other animals were amazing as well. Major the lion who would not roar, The tigers, bear, and panther were beautiful. The shots of the stampede will be amazing.

I love period movies. So being able to participate in Water for Elephants was a joy. My great-grandfather, Philip Morris, made movies as an actor, in the 1920′s through the 1940′s. The realistic nature of the era made me feel closer to him. It was that real on set! I felt like I had left 2010 and was actually in 1931. There was an electric anticipation each day to see what we would be doing. Though there was real hard work involved I had a lot of fun. The wardrobe, the action, the area we filmed in made it all the more fun. I will eagerly await this films release. I cannot wait to see how they put together all of this genius. The cast and crew along with a great story made this film a pleasure to work on. Everyone was respectful and professional. But I can’t stop without mentioning the fans. The fans made all of us from the smallest role to the biggest star feel loved. Without them this would just have been another great film. The fans added an element of love that made me want to do it for them. Everyday when we came to set and when we left we saw the fans waving to us. What a joy to see people so interested in a film and its actors. I hope everyone enjoys this film because I loved making it.”

Thank you, Robert Kestler,  for sharing your WFE filming experience.
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