Monday, June 21, 2010

Excerpt from the Berlin Press Con. Kristen: "I don't think Taylor ever drank beer in his life."

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner visited Berlin in order to attend a press conference on June 18th. Thanks to Concorde we had the chance to join them!

Aside from some fun-facts, like the one that Kristen Stewart - like everyone else - used to play soccer when she was in third grade, and that Taylor Lautner, too, did like to kick around when he was younger, there of course was some info on the upcoming third part of the Saga, Eclipse, which will be released all over the world in the upcoming weeks (starting with the USA in the end of the month).

It All Begins With A Choice.
Not only is this a line of the trailer for one of this summer’s most anticipated movies, no, it is also the question that is coming up whenever a movie is in the making: Who will it be directed by? The question of whether or not it has been complicated to have a new director on board for each one of the movies, Stewart answered with a "no"While having to start over from scrap everytime, each director has been "oddly appropriate“. In Eclipse, „you have to feel the danger Bella is in“, says Stewart. And that’s exactly what David Slade has achieved – he has created a darker, sinister, scarier mood.

Has the success of the Saga been changing their lives?
Stewart says she cannot simply make a stop at Starbucks anymore when she wants a cup of coffee – that you have to make adjustments. But she also says that the success and frequent attention have not changed who she is, that she still is the same person. Lautner says about the same –"You don’t give up anything – you make adjustments. [...] When you start letting it change what you do and who you are, that’s when you get in trouble.“

And even if Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner have not changed... their characters sure have.
"Jacob’s always continually growing, as a person... he’s changing... he has sort of a split personality. Sometimes you get the old Jacob, sometimes the new.“ The books have helped him to prepare for his role – because the story they hold is, as he knows, what the fans want too.

"We have to make sure the story’s told“, so Stewart.
And what are her thoughts on Bella?
"Bella’s not as tortured in this movie. The conflict is around her, but the real decision for her at this point has been made. At this point it’s just about owning that decision, and having people respect it. [...] Basically Bella needs to become an adult. Like, in the next movie she’s going to be a wife, and a mom...“

As you all know, there’s more to Jacob Black than the obvious. We all got to meet his furry, wolfy side in New Moon. Some liked it, others did not.
"I am extremely satisfied – I love my wolf!“, says Lautner, "Actually, I was a little jealous of my wolf in this film. ‘Cause he got all the cool action-scenes and I was just off the side, watching.“

Team Edward, or Team Jacob? Or does Taylor Lautner actually prefer a trip to Switzerland?
"If I was Bella, I wouldn’t be able to choose. Just because... you have two guys, who are madly in love with you, and both of them would be fine. But they’re the complete opposites at the same time. Uhm I think... an extreme advantage Jacob has is the fact that she wouldn’t have to change for him, she could stay who she is, wouldn’t have to say goodbye to anyone... and things could just stay the same.“
"But she’s not changing who she is for Edward either!“ Stewart quickly says, after which you can hear Lautner "psssssh“-ing.
"She’s finding herself, that’s the whole point!“

But... doesn’t Stewart think it’s really selfish, the way Bella is behaving towards Jacob?
"Bella is a serious believer in the truth. And she’s always been very honest with Jacob. She’s really never led him on. [...] They really deserve to be in each other’s lives, it would be such a shame not to... and she’s trying this whole movie, this whole story, to convince him... ‚Trust me, I’m not for you, you don’t understand‘...“ And she’s right. Because Stewart describes the moment he finally finds the one he is made for like this: „‘See, I told you. And now we’re still friends, and it’s not weird.‘ – so I don’t think she’s selfish, I think she does the right thing.“

Many fans have been saying that one thing they are really looking forward to, a part of the book that really should not be missing in the movie, is the tent scene.
"It was my favorite scene as well! I’m serious“, Lautner says, laughing, "I was excited and nervous to make that scene, at the same time... just because I loved it so much. And there’s so much that needs to be told in that scene... and it was challenging for me, because... and I really mean this... it’s tough. Like I said, we had ruined plenty of takes, because we have so much fun together, and that tent scene was so tense between Edward and Jacob...“ Stewart starts laughing, and Lautner comments on her doing that everytime he mentions it. "But at the same time it’s just a really funny scene as well, so it allowed me to have some fun with it, while trying to act all tough towards Rob. So I had a lot of fun making that scene, I just hope it came across well...“

And how does one relax after such an exhausting day of filming, Taylor? With a nice bottle of beer?
"I don’t think Taylor ever drank beer in his life!“ Stewart can only barely keep from laughing.

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