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Eclipse Review

Eclipse is the best of the three so far, by far.

I could say so much but here are just a few notes... I want to watch it a couple more times to give entire review...


Lot's of kissing and leg-hitch, and sweet loving between Bella and Edward but also a make-out sesh between Jacob and Bella which for Team Edwards may be uncomfy but I thought it was hot!

More Alice and Jasper loving too which is great. They are S O cute !!!


Of course we know there is action, actually, it was built up so much ("its a man's movie too with lot's of action" and "we trained for weeks before filming for battle and fight trainging scenes") that I honestly expected more... there was a lot less action than I thought.. it was still amazing though!

I was front row and it made it hard to see all the action going on, I fear IMAX will be similar.... so many cool moves happening all around you so it's easy to miss something if you aren't attentive (or sitting far enough back)

During Training there is some cute scenes and during the actual battle it's awesome, which brings me too...

New Borns:

There was initial fear they were too zombie-like or too dark... but they are just perfect.

The emerging of newborns from the water and the chaos in "Seattle" was amusing and entertaining...

Xavier is so sexy as the evil Riley and I loved every second of him on screen.

Except his eventual demise... I want more of him... which brings me too...


Releasing Bree book before Eclipse was awesome, I recommend you take the hour or two to read it before seeing Eclipse as it gives an entirely different perspective on the whole scene at the end.

I really would LOVE to see a Bree movie... more Xavier and Jodelle, more of the story... It may e too sort but I think Stephenie can elaborate some... seriously.. it would be so awesome!


Much better hair on Dan/Felix, Even creepier Dakota/Jane, Still sexy Charlie/Demitri, it was really awesome seeing them all, along with Cam/Alec and again the Breek book puts it all into perspective.

Back Story / History:

I had been WAITING for this... let me tell you Rosalie seeking revenge in her wedding gown.... awesome.. enjoy it though beause it's just a flash, in fact I would have liked more of her vengful red eyed vampiric terror... killing them one-by-one...

Also, I was sad they didn't include Rosalie's friend and her baby.. a German contest winner got that role and filmed it but it wasn't included, I anticipate it on dvd extras along with a few other scenes I will talk about at the end..

Jasper's history was more detailed, and I really enjoyed it all... seeing a much harsher side of Jasper but the warmth of him underneath it all, even the most gruesome things he had to endure - or feel... since he could feel their emotions.. heart-wrenching.

And let's face it - more Jackson is more happy time ha ha he is a hottie!

Victoria / Bryce:

It works.

I think she is too soft-spoken and angelic quite honestly. I feel like Rachelle nailed the vengeful bitch role better, but, Bryce does it... and she is supposed to be "sweet and innocent" to seduce Riley... honestly, it wasn't as bad or noticable as I feared... there was only a couple brief moments where I thought she was too sweet to be evil.


One thing I like is the semi-ad-libbed banter that adds comedic elements to the movies.. this movie is FULL of them.

Charlie is hilarious thanks to Billy Burke's perfect comedic timing and delivery. From his comments to Edward and Jacob, to his sex talk with Bella or even regarding the trip to see Bella's mom, he has this way of saying just one word and making it so incredibly perfect I laugh out loud literally.

The Jacob/Edward banter, partiularily in the tent sene,but also when Edward drops Bella off to a shirtless Jacob, it's just funny and perfect....

Vampire Killing:

OK so I rewatched New Moon the other night with my daughter and when the Volturi kill that vampire they rip his arm and head off right? and it's like dust... Eclipse is different... not dust but ***SPOILER*** It's ice.. or glass maybe but I think ice, which I loved! The first time I was like wtf is that but then after when it happened again i thought it was awesome-sauce - very cool!

Third Wife:

They didn't show Bella as the third wife which I could be wrong but I believe they filmed her as the third wife like she was hearing the story and envisioning herself as the third wife cutting herself... anyways, it was still an awesome bonfire and story....

Meadow Love:

I love their chat and kisses in the meadow...(Edward & Bella) some good moments **SPOILER** and even though the "leaked photos" made it seem like a proposal in the meadow that wasn't it - it happened in the bedroom and she didn't wear the ring until the end in the meadow... obviously she didn't want Jacob distracted, like the book... also some humour and banter and making out in the meadow - it's hot! NGL


He's literally in it for less than a minute (in human form) but SO adorable!!!


Wow! Fierce! There is more of them in the movie (more screen time and lines) which is a plus.. & they work together so well and the fight training is so great and the actual battle... honestly, it was so exciting to see them all work together. I think people will LOVE IT... though seeing Carlisle dressed down was a bit of an adjustment... whivh brings me too...


Bella's wig is still shit in fight training, it is a weird part and sits funny but the rest of the time it is pretty good...
fixed from what we saw before at least...

All of the hair/make-up is better.... I really loved Rosalie's look best in this film and Esme is fierce overall in Eclipse too. Jasper will never have good hair, I think we need to jsut give up on that months ago ha ha...


RAWR Same goofy boys being same goofy selves. Leah Clearwater is perfect, cold, bitchy, and Emily is so sweet, I am biased because I love Tinsel but the few scenes she has (one line and then another scene just standing there) I love.

I also loved seeing the new wolves (Seth and Leah) seriously even Seth's wolf is adorably cute... Still lot's of topless hotties, very sexy!


I enjoyed the humans scenes, the graduation chit chat and actual graduation ceremony and party. I can't look at them the same anymore, Twilight Convention Karaoke has forever imprinted my mind with a different image of them particularily Mike Welch ha ha.

Also, there were some things filmed that weren't included including Angela and BElla talking about boys and doing graduation invitations.


I have very horrible parts,it's really awesome.

I am sad they cut out Bella's dream of a future with Jacob (this was in script and filmed, it had Charlie as a Grampa and Jacob & Bella with kids.. even the movie companion seems to have photos and apparently David Slade plans to put it in dvd extras, so figers crossed, but it was something I was REALLY looking forward to seeing!

Also hopefully on dvd extra's is more of Rosalie's backstory and behind the scenes fight training and battle scenes.... so awesome! ALso Bella as the third wife (which I mentioned above)

Yes only *I* bring up my hopes for dvd extra's before the film's even released #immadork

Not really a complaint more of a heads up - it's out of order... different from book slightly but it works well in my opinion... I mean to give the idea that Riley is a newborn and developed a relationship with Victoria **SPOILER** It opens with him being turned then it's a year later... also a few other minor switch ups but it all works really well.

**Don't read unless you want to be distracted during movie.... I warned you....

Jacob's Belly Button is abnormally big

Bella's hair during fight training is NOT good

They used a different house for Eclipse. Twilight was in USA, New Moon was in Vancouver and Eclipse was all studio... looks similar enough but when you know these things they glare.

I know which scenes were re-shot and it distracted me as I looked for differences in tan, length of sideburn, sunlight angles, hair, eye brow shape... it was barely noticable if at all... phew!

Dan revealed at a Twi-Con that Volturi don't run fast, they kin dof float, and told behind the scenes stories of filming that so i laughed (all by myself) during that part.

Mike Welch karaoke videos on my youtube... never see him as Mike Newton again!


Best so far, great movie, can't wait to watch it again and again and again!!! You will all love I am pretty certain!!!

That's it - FOR NOW!!

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