Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rob's favorite Eclipse scene

Robert Pattinson's favorite scene in the new Twilight Eclipse movie is when Bella and Jacob kiss.
Rob, who plays the character Edward Cullen in the vampire movie series, has revealed he enjoyed the part of the film when Edward gets betrayed by his lover Bella as she kisses werewolf Jacob Black.
Kristen Stewart plays Bella and Taylor Lautner takes on the role of Jacob.

Pattinson feels he can relate to this scene when Stewart and Lautner get together, he told Turkey's OK Magazine 'There is a scene where Bella kisses Jacob.
'She comes back to ask forgiveness and Edward acts very understanding about this. I think this is a very nice moment.'
The 24–year-old added 'This is the only scene in the whole series that I can identify with Edward.
'I don't think there are many guys who can do this and for me this scene is a sign that he is a good guy".

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