Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kristen: "I've Never Been Dumped."

Kristen Stewart, 20, gave interviews with a watchdog by her side: her publicist controlled all questions. Anyway, she revealed to Folhateen how her relationships ended up, how was her prom and what happened on her trip to Brazil in 2009.

Folha - Choosing between two lovers is impossible. Have you been in this situation? How do you bring your personal life to the movie?

Kristen Stewart - I feel weird when I use at work things that really happened to me. It’s like telling my own story. But the dilemma of the two lovers is something so basic and universal, that I know how it would be. You stand between being sure and being not sure, and I identify with it.

Folha- I hate when a guy dumps you with the excuse that is his problem not yours. Has it ever happened to you?

Kristen – Nobody’s ever broken up with me.

Folha - Bella is graduating. How was your Graduation? Did you go to the Prom?

Kristen - No, I didn’t. I graduated a few months after the movie. I didn’t have a prom, and I studied at home.

Folha - How was your trip to Brazil with Taylor?

Kristen - It was the craziest experience we have ever had. It was too much crazyness at the airport. It was crowded [of fans]. Lots of funny things happened in Brazil. Kind of someone gave me a g-string. I said: “No, thanks.”

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